Romantic Love

Romantic Love

Romantic Love: Reality or Myth?

Romantic love is apart of what someone experiences in their lifetime, which may be real or fake, according to the two authors in the article “Romantic Love: Reality or Myth?”, who have different views on love. One author believes love is a real biological phenomenon meaning love is something real that exists to happen. The other author believes love is a fake construct to support stories or foundations of romantic love. Both authors are trying to create reason and gain some type of support from readers to support their claims. Romantic love is a real experience, according to scientists who discovered the release of romantic sensations in the brain from love, and romantic love is said to have been around much longer than cultural concepts.
Scientists studied love in the body through MRI scans while a person’s loved one was present. From “Scientific American” article about love, “the network releases neurotransmitters and other chemicals in the brain and blood that create the sensations of attraction, arousal, pleasure…and obsession.” (444) During those MRI scans, scientists discovered the sensations brought into the body with the presence of romantic love, proving that it is in fact real. The release of chemicals from romantic love produce similar sensations in the body as does the brain. Romantic love is a real experience and it is not something invented to support stories, this study proves that.
“Romantic love has been around for much longer than other cultural concepts, such as manners.” (444) The claim of the author who believes love is not real, includes the idea of cultural concepts which came after romantic love in their claim. Cultural concepts are

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