OIL traffic signals due to idling of vehicles

OIL traffic signals due to idling of vehicles

OIL CONSERVATION:- India’s demand for petroleum products is increasing at a rate of approximately 3-4% per annum. Some of this usage, the PCRA argues, is avoidable: it sponsored a project in Delhi which demonstrated that fuel worth Rs. 994 cr per annum is being burnt at traffic signals due to idling of vehicles at red lights. Energy efficiency measures to reduce by 2% India’s use of petroleum products, worth Rs.

4 Lakh Crores per annum, could save the country Rs. 8,000 Crores worth of imports.The PCRA is mandated to promote popular awareness of the importance of energy conservation. It cites an international acceptance that energy efficiency measures, like turning off car engines at traffic signals and driving at speeds of 45-50 kmph, could help most countries to reduce their use of petroleum products by 20%. The PCRA promotes a nationwide mass media awareness campaign titled “Save Fuel Yaani Save Money”, broadcast on television, radio, and in newspapers. The campaign mascot, Yaani, is a piggy bank, representing saving.

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The PCRA took the campaign to IITF – 09, an international trade show, where the PCRA stall featured interactive games and quizzes to promote energy efficiency. PCRA is a government of India promoted organization. PCRA has been engaged in generating mass awareness among masses for judicious use of petroleum products. For this purpose, PCRA has recently carried out massive nation wide mass media campaign for end users of petroleum products in television, radio and print media in India during 2009-10.Basically, PCRA is an integrated energy solution provider. For further information on this you may contact 1 Because petroleum is a naturally occurring substance, its presence in the environment need not be the result of human causes such as accidents and routine activities ( seismic exploration, drilling, extraction, refining and combustion).

Phenomena such as seeps42 and tar pits are examples of areas that petroleum naturally affects. Regardless of source,.

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