Robots-unethical/immoral?Lately do, because they can provide many benefits.

Robots-unethical/immoral?Lately do, because they can provide many benefits.

Robots-unethical/immoral?Lately there have been more and more smart machines that have been taking over regular human tasks but as it grows the bigger picture is that robots will take over a lot of tasks now done by people. But, many people think that there are important ethical and moral issues that have to be dealt with this. Sooner or later there is going to be a robot that will interact in a humane manner but there are many questions to be asked like; how will they interact with us? Do we really want machines that are independent, self-directed, and has affect and emotion? I think we do, because they can provide many benefits.

Obviously, as with all technologies, there are dangers as well. We need to ensure that people always maintain control, that they serve human needs. Robots could do many things that will ease our life.

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Will robots help out in the house? Yes. Will there be robot pets? Yes, but only for those who want them, nobody is going to force them to get a robot. Many are bothered by this, that they reject them, as unethical or immoral. Although I do not agree with them, I do understand their concerns. However, I see the development of intelligent robots as both inevitable and beneficial. If someone just takes a minute to think about all the benefits that robots could have on our lives like doing tasks that are dangerous, driving automobiles, piloting commercial airplanes, in education, medicine, and in many other areas, you know that the benefits out weighs the moral and ethical issues. In detail, Robots could be used in dangerous tasks, where people’s lives are at risk, like such things as search and rescue operations, exploration, and mining.

Robot cars could replace the need for human drivers and we could all hope for that because every year, tens of thousands of people are killed. Wouldn’t it be nice if automobiles were as safe as commercial aviation? Also, they could drive more environmentally, helping to solve some of the environmental issues that are associated with driving. There are so many things that robots can do for us, and why would we want to waste all of this because we say that it is immoral or unethical.In the negative side it could be like the new movie “I, robot” it says that robots will take over, and that mankind will lose its own say in its future. Yes it is science fiction, but all future possibilities are fiction before they are fact.

We are in a new era. Machines are already smart, and they are getting smarter. They are developing many new skills. And soon they will have affect and emotion. There are numerous practical, moral, legal, and ethical issues to think about. Most of which are still far in the future, but it is a good thing to think about it now and then since we probably won’t be alive when it happens.

The positive impact will be enormous. The negative consequences are also there. This is how it is with all technology. The future, after all, is up to us.

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