The was staring at my strained body, almost

The was staring at my strained body, almost

The blinding sun light spilled onto my exhausted underside from the window across the room as the unlaundered shirt was whisked away.

The sight of the dank pullover was replaced with an anxious peering face. I knew that look in his face well. He had grown imaginative last night and was staring at my strained body, almost seemingly considering if what he had in mind might be too much for my experienced frame. Then as if he had made his decision a smile broke his expression and with the tip of his toe he flipped me into his eager hand and my torturous day was about to make its start.

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I knew what was in store for me and for a brief moment reminisced about the days when a simple coast down a crevice strewn alley was the extent of it.He shoved me under his arm and flew down the stairs to the checkered floor of his kitchen. I gripped myself as I was tossed to clatter against the table and there I lay as he wrestled cabinets’ open and clattered silverware onto the table.

The chair shrieked as it was pulled out, as if it was trying with all it’s might to stay rooted in its spot. The sound of slurping cereal was drowned out by the sneak attack of sound beckoning from the other room. He jumped up out of his seat spilling some of the contents of his bowl onto my nose as he sprinted to pacify the shrill wails of the phone. “Yeah man, it’s sick.

probably will get me sponsored in no time flatyah I’m gonna practice it today, bring your cameras” I’ve heard that conversation before. I knew what it meant. I was ready.He rushed back into the room threw his meal into the sink with no remorse and flicked me back into his hands with little effort. I was actually starting to feel a bit antsy wondering what was in store for me.

His body was throbbing as he pressed me against his ribs and his palms were clammy against my scarred underside. I knew that he was excited and my thoughts synchronized with his own filling me with exhilaration. We trudged to the doorway after he pounced into his chaotically laced shoes and wedged his ear phones on his head echoing the cacophony of an angst filled symphony. He slammed the front door without looking back and carefully dragged his feet across the coarse surface of the driveway making sure there were no hindrances accumulated to the soles of his feet. Finally, we reached the street and his arms strangled the brim of my body and he slowly lifted me until he was staring into the crevices where I had been brutalized in days past.

The vibrant paint that had tattooed my underside at one point had been torn to shreds of a random spectrum. My nose and tail had been sanded down to loose leaf proportions and was void of any color at all. Metallic limbs that once shined with promise now were engraved with deep welts of adrenaline powered mutilation. If anyone had glanced upon me they would not have seen me even fit for scrap on in a yard, but he looked deep into me.

He looked into my frame and after his inspection broke into a memory driven smile. He looked into me and at that moment we were connected in an artistic manner that even the most skilled could not catch on canvas. I was ready.With a running start he cracked my urethane appendages onto the uneven black concrete and pounced onto my darkened back.

I felt no pain, just anticipation as we roared down the street in unison. The cracks and crevices of the street raced towards us and were devoured by my wheels in the wake of our path. It was shear poetry how we flowed down the avenue with the grace of a predator. Then just as we approached a divot it seemed unavoidable that together we would end in catastrophe, there was a sharp slap as I felt his feet pound on my tail and lift us clear over the obstacle. I clutched myself ready for the impact as he extended his legs and stuck the landing with the prowess of a gymnast and I continued roaring down the road effortlessly.

We carved through street corners, sidewalks, and across traffic, turning heads in every which direction we flew when finally I was brought to a sudden stop. Before us was a stretch of snaking side walk leading to a mountain of steps jutting down a hill. He stepped off my arched back and kicked me up into his sweaty palms. All of a sudden I realized what had occurred to him in his sleep and I wanted no part in it.

Never in my arduous life had I been through such extremes. The skater lifted me and looked at my underside with piercing eyes as if attempting to look into the soul of my durability. The gentle breeze subtly died and the music from his headphones filtered through and the fringes of his mouth grew tight in concentration.With a running start he stomped onto my back and dragged me towards the dreaded flight of steps. Frantically pumping his legs he pushed me closer and closer to my imminent destruction. The loud roar of my wheels grinding the sidewalk was rumbling like an oncoming storm warning all to head us or be devoured under the urethane. The fall was quickly approaching with each pump of his foot against the concrete.

My whole body quivered with anticipation, desperation, and over all pride. With a sudden slam my nose was flipped upwards and the magic of his feet spun me completely losing any sense of orientation. For what seemed like eons our bodies were suspended in mid air as his feet groped to retrieve me. The ground below approached without warning and with a enormous clap we slammed into the ground.We were several yards away from the landing when I realized that I had made it. My weathered frail body had once again sustained the shear force of gravity and man.

I could not believe it myself as we sailed away from enormous cliff that was increasing distance behind us. Suddenly I was filled with the most inexplicable pride and I could feel it in my rider. He was poised with accomplishment and laughing out loud for all to hear. We had made it. We were the most indestructible force on the planet and everyone around us knew it.

We knew it, at least until he leaned sharp into a turn and pumped his legs with ferocity.We were aimed directly at a second flight of stairs only this one doubly long. My body sagged in disbelief as I screamed over the crevices of the sidewalk. Yet, for some odd reason I was ready to take any challenge at hand. I felt indestructible and I wanted the whole world to shake with my acrobatics.

We approached the stairs with such velocity that all our surroundings were simply a splashed canvas of paint and the roar of my wheels were hailing sounds of an apocalypse. Then in a single flash of a moment the whole world froze as we were suspended over a horizon of descending stairs. I was twisted in midair and slapped against the hand rail the elderly made us of for their descent. With all my knotted heart I tried to keep my self together as we slid down the infinite bar.

It was in vain as I felt my splintered sinew stretching and bending apart when suddenly SNAP! The world was thrown into a world of chaos and the sky mixed itself into the ground below and everything in between was lost completely.

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