Review of Related Literature Blanco

Review of Related Literature Blanco

Review of Related Literature

Blanco,M.C.,Amado,M.,Mahia,P.,Lorenzo.S.,Rodriguez.D.(2018)Analysis of Cosmetic Products (Second Edition).Elsevier Journals (249-289).

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This chapter describes the applying of specific analytical methodologies for the determination of surfactants in cosmetic product throughout the amount 2005–15.
Our research is about expired cosmetic product as a cleaning agent,The previous study helps to know the methods we will use such as spectroscopic, chromatographic and electrochemical and other logical procedure.

Rivera,G.,Llompart,M.,Lores,M.,Jares,C.(2018)Chapter9-Preservative in Cosmetic:Regalutory Aspects and Analytical Methods. Analysis of Cosmetic Products (Second Edition)Elsevier Journals(175-224).

Preservatives area unit essential ingredients wide intercalary to cosmetics and private care merchandise that used daily, with the fist purpose of preventing spoilage from microbic growth.
Many of cosmetics has a substances that contain microbial growth,Our research need a cosmetic which contain a lye chemical to use as a cleaning agent or a polisher.In this previous study they use a preserved cosmetic and our study will be needing a expired one.

Diez-Sales,O.,Nacher,A.,Merino,M.,Merino,V.,(2018)Chapter 17-Alternative Methods to Animal Testing in Safety Evalution of Cosmetic Products. Analysis of Cosmetic Products (Second Edition)Elsevier Journals(551-584).

This chapter reviews different strategies counseled for animal testing in numerous toxicologic areas.Another model to attain complete animal replacement for acute toxicity testing isn’t potential.Skin corrosion/irritation different strategies are valid and accepted.
The previous research we found give as a idea that we need to conduct a test or expirement first but not in animal but into wood furniture and we’ll see if every furniture have the same percentage of killing a microorganism or how it’s work as polisher.

Dorato,S.(2018) Chapter 1 – General Concepts: Current Legislation on Cosmetics in Various Countries. . Analysis of Cosmetic Products (Second Edition)Elsevier Journals(3-37).


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