RESHWATER resources tended to be declined over the past years

RESHWATER resources tended to be declined over the past years

RESHWATER resources tended to be declined over the past years. We have been considering the ways to generate clean energy not only to cope with global warming but also saving freshwater by its reduced consumption. There are some obstacles to construct solar thermal power plants in deserts such as high expenditures to operate and extensive development and up gradation of such technologies, because a solar thermal power plant requires 5 times more water than the traditional thermal power plant. In our study, traditional cleaning mirror technology with reduced consumption of water in solar thermal power plants is investigated. In developed countries, a significant increase of growth and innovation in solar thermal power sector is evident since over the last decade. These power plants required higher water consumption, however, there are some complications to construct and operate such power plants under severe drought-inflicted areas like deserts where high water-deficit can be seen but sufficient solar energy is available. This study will provide the window of opportunities to construct solar thermal power plant in deserts/high water deficit regimes where enough solar energy resources are available. The main reason for the high water consumption of the traditional method of washing the Solar Thermal Power Plant is mainly due to the large spill of water sprayed with excessively high pressure water from far distance. According to researchers working on reducing the water use at the solar thermal power plant, they usually simulate the Solid Cone spray hose and adjust the pressure temperature, and the spray angle. other reports have shown the results of testing with changing the pressure and spray angle 6. The distinction of our study was to make the most useful version of washing the Power Solar Thermal Power Plant by additionally changing the shape of the spray nozzle, pressure temperature, and spray angle. In the research, the simulation was tested on 3 types of spray nozzle and the results were compared to determine the most likely or high-yielding bovine to get into the next stage of the study. In order to make actual results in the experiment, the working pressure, temperature, spray angle, etc., can be changed to get the best results possible. Also, the test device we have designed for the experiment is an essential tool for researchers who conduct detailed research and analysis of cleaning equipment for power solar thermal power plant.


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