Juan accessory. She only had 4 until

Juan accessory. She only had 4 until

Juan Miguel T. Castrence 9-St. LukeTeacher: Mrs. DalaCollector’s ClubIntroduction.

I myself is a collector I collect many things like cards and manythings. Now I am presenting about a collection of my sister namely MargaretJane Castrence. Her collection are many like the things that I will showyou. Not just one but many I that I will show you, each of them has it’sown history and beginnings and this are her collection.II. CollectionA.) Pin Buttons – these collection of hers is the smallest number ofcollection she had.

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She started I think last year only. These are placed onyour bags as accessory. She only had 4 until these time. Here they are.picThese pin buttons are the one she buyed when we were at SM Megamall. She isa big fan of Slam Dunk and Hunter X Hunter.picThese came from her school Miram College.

She buyed it from her fair lastweek.B.) Key Chains – these collection of hers is also placed at her bag asaccessory. She started collecting these accessories when her bestfriendgave her one.

She has already 13 key chains with different designs andshapes. Here they are:picC.) Books – she love to read books. Since child she always read differentbooks such as fantasy, fiction, legends and sometimes history. Here theyare:picThese came from their book sale at Miriam College.picThese came from my relatives and some of the books in the picture are theone’s that my parents gave her when she was a baby.

D.) Stationeries – these are papers that have scent and is good to be givenat valentine’s day because of it’s different designs and good smell. Shestarted collecting these stationeries when I gave her one duringvalentines.

I think it was last 2 years ago… here they are:picThese are the one’s that her friends gave her. Some of these stationeries came from me and some she bought at the store.picthese are the one’s that my parents gave to her. I think these stationeries are 3 yrs.

old already. Yet, they are not used until now.E.) Character Cards – these are one of her collection that she loves themost because she can stare at her favorite cartoon character such as HunterX Hunter, Evangelion and many more.

She started collecting cards when Igave her one. She had already 18 character cards. She uses this sometimesas drawing guide.picF.) Stamps – these are stamps that she collected when she was a kid. Thesehave different designs such as animals and different characters.

She had 8stamps now. These stamps was a gift given by my parents when it was herbirthday. Here they are:picG.) Jackstones – my sister loves to play jackstones these are some kind oftoys with a ball needed to be played. They come in different colors anddifferent designs of balls and sizes.

Until now she still collects thesejackstones. Now she got I think 10 or more jackstone sets. She startedcollecting these when her friend ask her to play with these jackstones andshe got interested with it. Here they are:picH.

) Comics – these is her biggest collection now. These are the only comicsshe had but it is complete. The name of the comic series is WITCH until nowthey are still collecting it together with her friends. Inside the comicscomes with stickers and posters and they I think are affordable for teens.Here they are:pic This is my picture with the person I have research on her collection.

III. ImpressionsMy Impressions on her collection is that she really loves collecting.She always want to collect and try new things and search what’s new orwhat’s in. I wish that I can be like my sister always coming up with a newcollection and trying to take care of it properly.IV.

LearningsThe things that I have learned about her collection is that alwaystry new things. Also find out how to organize it and take care of itproperly. Be wise in choosing and collecting you new collection. Alwayshandle it with care and love it just like your family member or friends.Collecting is not an easy thing you should be the one who you check ifsomething is missing or not. Collecting has many different ways it can bematerialistic or sometimes things that you bring with you.

If you cannothandle it properly it might get lost or be broken apart from you.

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