René Descartes was a French philosopher

René Descartes was a French philosopher

René Descartes was a French philosopher, mathematician, and scientist. Formally known as the father of modern day philosophy. “With its properties that seem to escape all natural laws, Descartes believed this rather ethereal mind holds the seat of consciousness. It’s where we find our sentiments, our drive, our understanding, and our passions. In short, all that we really are, or our identity, comes from the mind. As Descartes so aptly put it, ‘I think, therefore I am!”
Descartes believed that self is the main clear truth; the second truth would be the body, he believed that the brain and body where mutually dependent to each other. Otherwise called dualism. Descartes says through the mind things should be made sure. The third truth was the presence of the material world. Descartes believed that the brain was a piece of the non-material world and the body was a piece of the material world.
His first celebrated famous principle was “Cogito ergo sum” which implies I think therefore I am. Despite the fact that the mind and body are physically together, the brain and body are free and serve their own capacities. He was persuaded that with a specific end goal to dissect, explore and build up our own fact we should utilize our own mind and thinking capacities.


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