Chapter will support in an upcoming election.4.convention- partys

Chapter will support in an upcoming election.4.convention- partys

Chapter 71.nomination- naming those who will seek office2.self announcement- person who wants to run for an office announces they will run3.

caucus- like minded people who meet to reflect the candidates they will support in an upcoming election.4.convention- partys members meet in a local caucus to pick candidates for local offices, and select delegates to represent them at the country convention.5.

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direct primary- election held within the party to pick the partys candidates for the general election6.tammany hall- a headquarters for the society of tammany. A group that controlled NYC democratic party for a century.

7.What was meant by Kind Caucus was that8.King Caucus was usually associated with the president Andrew Jackson9.

a blanket primary is a primary that lists all the candidates and both voting parties can vote for either side.10.a run off primary is when the 2 top vote getters in the first direct primary face one another11.the feds have the power to fix the times, manner of holding elections and places of elections.

12.the coattail effect occurs when a strong candidate running for an office and the two of the ballot helps attract voters to other candidates.13.

a precint is the place where voters go to vote14.Australian ballot is a ballot printed at the public expense. Lists all the names of all candidates, the ballot is given out at polls and is voted in secret.15.

the difference between office group ballot and the party colomn ballot is the candidates for each office are grouped together. The party colum ballot lists each politician by their party

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