It was a cool summer

It was a cool summer

It was a cool summer night, and we were all sitting on the porch after eating a huge meal that mom just made. The meal was great. We had fried chicken with all of the sides. I wonder who influenced her to cook like that.

I am a recent high school graduate, and I start my new job at the factory on Monday. Then the farmer next door shows up unannounced. He is a good guy, but he looks like Mr.

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Peanut because he wears a monocle. He starts ranting on and on about how his plants won’t germinate if he does not water them. He wants to know who broke into his barn with all of his farm equipment, and stole his watering equipment. Of course this was me, but I wasn’t going to let him know I could have performed this shenanigan. I informed him that it was the Baker boy that lived down the street. I took his watering equipment to flood the school as my senior prank, and as of right now the school should be under about two feet of water.

Like I always say better late than never. I said that he was planning to return it as soon as he had watered his father’s crops. Then all of a sudden a swarm of emergency crews went speeding by our driveway. I knew exactly where they were headed, and I also knew if they found the watering equipment before I could get to it then they would keep it. So I too sped off for the school. I beat them to the school, and I unhooked the watering equipment.

I made it out just as the emergency crews were pulling up. I threw the fire alarm to throw the crews off, and escaped out of the back door. Who in their right mind leaves a school completely unlocked after they have gone home? I stealthily replaced the equipment, and everything was okay from then on out.

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