Regift? first hand, as my mother was

Regift? first hand, as my mother was

Regift? The Greatest GiftMy platform is parent awareness of organ donation of their children’s organs and the need to make family members aware of their wishes. By making family aware there is they will abide by these wishes. I want to address that this needs to be a decision made prior to it becoming necessary.

I would like to have this topic brought up prior to the birth of the children i.e. parenting classes, Lamaze class, prenatal, etc. I plan to speak to parent groups for example, parent teacher meetings so that the children that are already born can be registered on the National Registry. I have learned first hand, as my mother was in this position, when I was 3 years old, to make the decision whether to donate my brother’s organs or not.

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She was so distraught that she could not make a rational decision as very few parents would be able do is in this position. 30% of parents that decide against donating their children’s organs wish they had chosen differently in one-year after.Although I have not spoken to any groups yet, I have researched extensively so that I will be prepared to speak rationally regarding my topic. I believe my conviction for my platform will definitely sway parents to make a positive decision.

My best friend passed away at the age of 16 waiting for a double lung transplant. If she had been healthier at that time her odds of receiving lungs increases 72% because she would have been put on the adult list. I bring up the question. “Have you thought what you would do?” , to most people I meet with children so that they begin to think about it.

An answer is not really needed the thought process is what gets people to make a decision. 87% of parents who donate heir child’s organs still are happy with their choice in future years. Some even believe that it helped in the grieving process and 80%-100% of them say they if they had the decision to make again they would do the same.Percentages found on

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