Sebastian had 2,330 all-purpose yards in 2004, the

Sebastian had 2,330 all-purpose yards in 2004, the

Sebastian Murray English 1301 Liles In 2005 the world had been introduced to one of the best collegiate running backs to ever go through the University of Southern California. His name is Reggie Bush and he achieved one of the best personal awards any collegiate football player could want and that would be the Heisman award. Reggie bush played running back for USC in 2005, he was 6 foot tall and weighed 200 pounds, and he played tailback as a sophomore in college and played in 13 games. He was named “Pigskin club of Washington D.C offensive player of the year. ” He was also named the2004 PAC-10 offensive player of the year, “Then He was named the 2005 Pac-10 Offensive Player of the Year for the second consecutive year (just the fifth player ever so honored and the first non-quarterback to do it in 20 years) and also made the All-Pac-10 first team as a tailback (the squad’s only unanimous pick) and second team as a punt returner. ” Nor do I need to mention that he won the 2005 Heisman trophy award by a landslide.

Bush received 2,541 points and beat Young by a staggering 93 points.Everybody knows that bush deserves the Heisman trophy whether they want to admit to it or not Bush was the best. What Reggie Bush did off the field had nothing to do with his on-field performance, the man still worked his tail on in practice and in the weight room, and what he accomplished in two years really shows the kind of player he was for USC.

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He was a playmaker for them. He had 2,330 all-purpose yards in 2004, the most by a Trojan since Marcus Allen, who had a school-record 2,683 yards in his 1981 Heisman season.The man was a player that’s all there is to say about it.

He was the best college football player in 2005, hands down. Now I’m not saying what he did was right because its no, it’s wrong and the school should be punished for their mistake. They shouldn’t have let it go to that extreme and they should have been more on top of their faculty and staff and should not have let that happen.

Bush is a grown man and he should have known what he was doing was wrong and he should have said no to the whole situation but we all are human and we do thing we will regret sometimes.He made a mistake off the field but should not be punished for his talent on the field and his accomplishments that he achieved for his on field performance. Cam Newton and Reggie Bush both wish the Miami Hurricanes well as the go through this mess of a problem as they know it could possible tear the hurricanes program down the ground as it did the USC Trojans, and the hurricanes have worked very hard to build a winning program and it could be all gone in an instant. “It’s tough when you can take a college player’s career and dream away from him at the snap of a finger.Something needs to be done. ” Bush said in an interview earlier this year.

This was bush’s answer when he was asked how he felt about the Miami hurricanes players getting investigated. The more the NCAA investigates players and school they will soon find out that there is a lot more of this going on its not just a few players and a few school its everywhere. Schools will do anything to make the school better if that means winning a national championship or if that means paying a player to sign and play at their school.It happens everywhere, just nobody is getting caught yet, but they will the more investigations the NCAA does. There is not much punishment you can do to Bush but he should be punished for his mistakes, but the Heisman Trophy Trust felt that he should have won the Heisman trophy or they wouldn’t have given him the award, so they shouldn’t be able to go back and take it away from him now! It’s his, he won it, he deserved it, and he worked hard to receive it. “One of the greatest honors of my life was winning the Heisman Trophy in 2005,” “For me, it was a dream come true.But I know that the Heisman is not mine alone.

Far from it. I know that my victory was made possible by the discipline and hard work of my teammates, the steady guidance of my coaches, the inspiration of the fans, and the unconditional love of my family and friends. And I know that any young man fortunate enough to win the Heisman enters into a family of sorts.

Each individual carries the legacy of the award and each one is entrusted with its good name. ” Bush says.Bush knows that the award is a big deal to college football and he know it means something more than just a trophy. Some of the greatest players to play the game of football have won the Heisman, like Roger Staubach, O.

J Simpson, Tony Dorsett, Earl Campbell, Herschel Walker, and Barry Sanders, some of the greatest football players ever. Bush knows the trophy has a legacy for great players to have won it and he knows it comes with a great name and he would never do anything to ruin that. http://www. usctrojans. om/sports/m-footbl/mtt/bush_reggie00. html http://espn.

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