Reflective practice has helped me to stabilize my view of my practice

Reflective practice has helped me to stabilize my view of my practice

Reflective practice has helped me to stabilize my view of my practice , recognise my strengths and what works well for me. When evaluating my practice , it made it easier for me to pinpoint my professional development needs which made me become more self – assured in myself and it has a good effect in my practice. In my setting , I share my illustration of my practice to my colleagues and then we converse about what I have to enhance and they will advise me on how to improve on my practice and we help support each other. I have learned , evaluate , develop and improved through reflective practice and that allowed to know what areas I need to improve on based on my practice.

Self awareness and self esteem was one of the skills which helped me in many perspectives, in which it allowed me to understand what I need to do to improve my practice which helped me think about how I consider the collision of my practice on the children and their families and also the plans which will help preserve and expand my practice in the future. The perspectives of others is a valuable tool, by reflecting on their views of all parents / carers , my colleagues and the children , I’ll have a better knowledge of them. This will also benefit the children in my setting and their parents and carers, also benefit me both personally and professionally.

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When receiving feedback from parents , they’ll feel valued and involved amd this will allow me to make changes and improvements based on what they say. This will also makes me think ‘How do I capture the feelings of the children in my setting?’ , ‘Are the children able to explain how they feel?’. By doing this the children’s individual needs will be mey and their self esteem will be increased.

When I plan something for the children for example, enabling an appropriate and interactive environment for the children with suitable resources indoor and outdoor

I always ask myself the positives and the negatives , ‘What went well?’ , ‘How and why did it work?’ , What was the impact outcome’ , What and why didn’t it work and how could I improve it?’. This helped me identify my professional development needs and progress my learning and development by constantly reflecting my practice as in enhancing my skills whilst upgrading my confidence and motivation and setting my targets.


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