1. that box of cigars, is that theHenry

1. that box of cigars, is that theHenry

1. Henry remembers when is mother says farewell to him and says to him and the sight ofhis mother peeling potatoes as she gave him, advice.2. Henry ponders the enemy for a time , then concludes that it does not matter what theenemy looks like as long as it can fight.3.

The dispute over the regiments movement is important because it will decide whereHenry will go.4. Henry feels that the other soldiers are very brave men and that their attitude is oppositethat of Henrys. 5.

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The significance of the colonels shout dont forget that box of cigars, is that theHenry and the soldiers do not have the importance of a cigar.6. The serpent in this chapter is the monster which Crane describes as marching men . 7. The mood of the regiment is that of hope of winning the war, Henrys is of beginningcourageous and brave. 8. Henry remembers the cows at home with halo of happiness about their heads becausethat is the only memory of happiness during this time.

9. Henry visualizes fear as him running away from the regiment.10. Henry feels he is in a moving box because the regiment surrounded him on all sides.11. Henry wants to reveal the bravery and courage in the eyes of the dead man.

12. As the regiment prepares for battle Henry thinks of running away. 13. The men pile up the dirt to dig trenches. 14. The significance of Wilsons giving the packet to Henry is that of trust and that Wilsonthinks Henry will not die in battle. 15.

The dialogue that opens that chapter is very calm and peaceful without muchdescription. 16. This contrasts with the sounds of the battle field through the haze of the gun smoke,bullets whizzing over head, and twinges and needles rain down.17. The memory of heroic poses comes to Henry before the enemy charges.18. In Henrys battle sleep he stops fight and realizes that he and his comrades haverepulsed the attack.

19. When Henry see the blue sky and the gleaming sun he realizes the unblemished nature. 20.When Henry is running he feels he is on the verge of total exhaustion. He looses allsense of direction, and imagines he is being chased by the enemy. 21.

Henry feels ashamed when he hears that the line held. At first he was amazed that itdid hold, then he was mad at himself for running away. 22. Henry use the squire as a sign of nature to condone his flight.23. The corpse signifies the coward that he was during the battle.

24. The crimson war describes the war which made him think that a battle of cosmicproportion was in progress.25.

Jim Conklin is wounded then dies. Wounded in the arm and the hand stays alongHenry.26. The tattered man is also wounded and eventually dies.

At a time he tire to makefriends with Henry and makes Henry feel bad by asking him Where yeh hit, ol boy?.

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