Reality TV Shows General Purpose: To inform

Reality TV Shows General Purpose: To inform

Reality TV Shows General Purpose: To inform Specific Purpose: To inform my listeners that there are many Reality TV shows. Central Idea: There are many Reality TV shows and they are popular. INTRODUCTION I.

Attention Material A. Have anyone in here watched a Reality TV show or has heard of one? II. Orienting Material A. Reality TV shows are very popular and are watched all over the world. B.

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Today, we are going to talk about Reality TV shows. (Transition: Let’s begin with a little history. ) BODY I. It’s been said that the first Reality TV show started in 1948. A. Some say that the first show was Candid Camera. B.

Some say it was “This is Your Life”. C. Some even say it was “An American Family” according to TV GUIDE, but no matter which one was first there are many now. II. In late 89 and beginning of the 90’s the show COPS came on the scene. A. Real people real arrest.

III. In about 92 came The Real World. A. Who could forget MTV! IV. Reality TV shows in 2000. A.

In 2000 there was Big Brother and Survivor. B. After that there were more Reality TV shows to come. (Transition: Now let’s look at the many genres) I. There are many Reality TV shows. A. Special living environment * The Real World * Big Brother B.

Celebrities Hogan Knows Best * Anna Nicole Smith C. Professional activities * Miami Ink * American Chopper * Deadliest Catch D. Dating based * The Bachelor * The Bachelorette * Flavor of Love * I Love New York * Rock of Love E. Job Search * The Apprentice * Shear Genius * American Idol * Americas Next Top Model * Hell’s Kitchen F.

Sports * The Ultimate Fighter * The Contender G. Self Improvement/ Makeover * Celebrity Fit Club * The Biggest Loser * Extreme Makeover H. Social Experiment * Wife Swap * The Bad Girls Club I. Hidden Camera / Hoaxes * Punk’d * Scare Tactics * Joe Millionaire II. The most popular Reality TV shows. A.The most popular are the latest shows out now.

1. Real Housewives of___. * Beverly Hills * Atlanta * or Basketball Wives, etc 2. Jersey Shore is the most watch reality show out now. (Transition: Let’s sum up. ) CONCLUSION I. Summary A.

There are so many Reality TV shows whether a person has watched or heard of them or not. II. Clincher A.

Some Reality TV shows may be bad, exploiting people in nasty ways, but some are good. This is true of all kinds of television shows, from soap operas, to comedy and new shows. No matter what someone thinks of a Reality TV show; they are here, they are popular and they don’t seem to be going away soon.There are many Reality TV shows. BIBLIOGRAPHY Gay, Verne.

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VISUAL AIDS Poster showing reality shows and reality stars.

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