Raves whole culture surrounding raves. Have become a

Raves whole culture surrounding raves. Have become a

Raves are not just parties surrounded by total chaos and no rules. They are a really great experience. There is a whole culture surrounding raves. Have become a way of life for some people, they have there own music. And even there own way of thinking. We have a thriving rave culture, with a growing population.In fact raves are becoming a way of life for many people.

If you get a flyer with anything with wards like love (spelt any way possible,) sweat, house music, techno, smile, sauna, rhythm, garage rhythm, You can generally see ravers (someone who goes to raves and subscribes to the rave philosophy) At these parties. Hard core ravers have been known to refer to themselves as a tribe. Hopping on the techno-bus is possibly a ticket to the next dimension.Raves are not only gathering of people, but also have their own type or style of music. In general Rave music is known as all music that has a electronic beat to it, but even this is misleading. In fact it is very hard to classify rave music, mainly due to the varied style and preferences. To give a broader definition of what rave music is; it is all music which is dominated by a bass beat of 115 and above beats per minute (BPM).

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Rave music cannot be split into one style of music. In fact all the following are styles of music which are associated with the rave culture: Acid-House, Techno, Techno, Hardcore Techno, Breakbeat, Ambient, Trance, Tribal, Progressive, Deep House, industrial, happy hardcore. It is hard to name them all new styles just keep coming up.A rave is far more than a couple of people getting together for a party. It is a way of life and way of thinking. Raves are not about drugs but about having an experience of, PLUR (Peace, Love, Unity, Respect). Most ravers say it is an experience of release and pure happiness.

They say that raves have a very deep spiritual meaning behind them It is an experience that many young people are looking for. Young people are searching for the meaning to life. They live in a post modernistic society where spirituality is reduced to what one can feel. No longer is it important to know what we believe or why we believe it. The important issue is what I experience what I believe. The key issue is peace, love, unity, and respect for all fellow ravers.

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