Rabbi Shimon ben Gamliel states in

Rabbi Shimon ben Gamliel states in

Rabbi Shimon ben Gamliel states in, Pirkei Avot Mishna 1 Perek 18, that the world itself stands on three things. Now, what does it mean for the world to “stand” on something. In relation to an earlier Mishna where Shimon the Righteous states, ??? ???????? ???????? ???????? ??????. When Shimon the Righteous said ??????, as in stand. However, Rav Shimon means, “endures” rather than “stands” which when read can seem similar, however when analyzed have two different messages. Shimon the Righteous focuses more towards what the world is based upon and why it was created, as it began to list the three pillars which keep our world stable. In sum, Shimon the Righteous focused more on what was God’s purpose for creating the world.
In contrast, Rav Shimon has a bigger focus on how the world endures, in other words, he centralizes on how the world is able to continue functioning properly. In order to keep the world functioning and operating as it should, we must focus on the daily things. Such as justice, truth, and peace. Although that does not consist of the reasons why Hashem created the universe, it shows what we must do in order to avoid chaos. Rav Shimon is attempting to show that in order for the world to run properly we must fulfill those three characteristics which will allow for chaos and issues to form among societies.
We must cooperate with one another and treat our fellows with honesty and peace in order to sustain maintain justice. If as a whole we were to keep justice, truth, and peace, that is how our faithfulness to Hashem would be achieved. That’s why it is vital that we actualize what Rav Shimon said because by treating others with justice, truth, and peace we accomplish the reasons why Hashem created the world in the first place. As the people who live on this earth it our duty to apply these three characteristics to ourselves and fulfill them in order to keep peace and stabilization to our world.
In addition, the Bartenura commentates on the meaning of Rav Shimon’s statement. Adding on to what Rav Shimon had previously said, the Bartenura further simplifies the Mishna. In relation to ??? ???????, the Bartenura expands and says that it means to “render innocent the innocent and guilty the guilty”. In other words, for innocent people not to be claimed guilty, and for those who are guilty to be claimed guilty. Furthermore, ????? ??????? means that a person should not lie to another. Lastly, ??? ?????????? means that there should be peace between governments and between a man and his fellow.
In conclusion, with the expansion of the Bartenura and the connection with Shmuel the Righteous, we can see how what Rav Shimon says fits in with our everyday routine and mundane aspects of our lives. As the Bartenura said that when it came to peace there should be peace between the government and between a man and his fellow. Meaning that, although two societies may have their differences, they should still keep the peace because that is a vital element in keeping the world stable. It is shown that through the years justice, truth, and peace are what helps keep the world how Hashem intended it to be.


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