QUESTION 2 MILLENNIALS GENERATION South Africa’s millennials do not care about anything

QUESTION 2 MILLENNIALS GENERATION South Africa’s millennials do not care about anything

South Africa’s millennials do not care about anything, when it comes to politics because they do not know the apartheid struggle, since they South Africa’s first generation to know freedom and lack of restriction. Furthermore, their behaviour or lifestyle, music, fashion, activities do not related politics. The term Millennials generally refers to the generation of people born between the early 1982s and 1994s. Moreover, millennial generation is also known as Generation Y or the Net Generation.

In South Africa, Millennials came after three generations which is veterans (prior to 1946), baby boomers (1946 to 1960), Generation X (1961 to 1981). Millennials are the offspring of the Baby boomers or Generation X. In addition Millennials generation are the children of parents who can be categorized into two generations that is the “Baby boomers” and “Generation X”.
Millennials are civically and politically disengaged, since they have been growing up in times of major transition, during a political transition. They focused on materialistic values, and less concerned about helping the larger community, because of being self-centred. They do not want to be politically involved, because they do not want to die at the expenses of other people. Furthermore, they are not interested in attending a political meeting, but interested in getting appointed by certain political party.

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The millennials in South Africa tend to be culturally tolerant and open-minded. They accept and embrace diversity in their country. As far as race is concerned, they are South Africa’s first Generation to know only freedom and no racial boundries. The Millennials have shown in survey that some have faith in the traditional healer or idols, at the same time the numbers are not judgement for those who believe in idols or traditional healer and have no faith in the existence of a god. Conversely, some millennials have faith in religious institutions. Many churches’ messages do not clash with the millennial belief of forbearance for religious, gender, racial sexual orientation differences.
The millennial in South Africa is not fascinated by struggle songs or politics songs. They are only interested in hip-hop, RnB and kwaito. They are not interested in politics, since some are part of apartheid era and some are not part of apartheid era, as a results they do not know the struggle of apartheid era. They composed music that sit their current situation, like hip-hop, RnB and kwaitoThe millennial in South Africa is attracted to clothing brands that offer clear value propositions, because they stand out from the mass of products available and their specific proposition is a representation of sorts to the individual that chooses them (Yarrow & O’Donnell, 2009:28). As a reflection of self, Generation Y seeks authenticity from brands. Brands that are accepted by this generation become a connection currency traded between members of groups. Consumers conversing about brands attach authenticity and endorse brands within their Networks (Yarrow ; O’Donnell, 2009:34). Generation Y borrows values that brands or organisations represent as a reflection of who they are. Brands with higher order values are perceived to have greater authenticity. Brands associated with causes, that ring true to Generation Y captivate this segment (Yarrow & O’Donnell, 2009:35).

In conclusion, South Africa’s millennials are not interested about anything, in terms of politics because they have no knowledge the apartheid era, since they South Africa’s first generation to know liberty. Firstly, Millennials’ preferences in terms of activities, cultures, music and fashion are not the same compared to previous generation, due to time, freedom and transformation. Lastly, millennial generation is the first generation to enjoy the fruits of the democracy.


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