Q: Should computer studies be a compulsory school subject?
Computer studies have been an important subject in the recent years and would be the main method of teaching in the modernized world. The word computer studies refer to the study related to technology and software. It could be agreed upon that regulation of computer studies as a compulsory school subject enhances learning and encourages competing in a globally competitive world. This essay will argue that computer studies should be mandatory in school education as it would be the study style of the century, its huge benefits and nevertheless, the increased career opportunities.
Firstly, computer technology has developed keen interest because of first processing speed and information transfer which is going to be the teaching method of the century. For example, computer and laptop will be replacing the books. Although computer studies has enormously been considered difficult for science students but it’s advancement into the technological world has made studies easier. Rather than writing long essays, one can type and check for grammar and mistakes which could later be improved. Therefore, computer studies should be taught earlier to make teenagers used to of the technology.

Furthermore, it has often more benefits for teenagers in all sorts of education. It is a diverse subject and not only browsing but actually online connections are strengthened through social media websites such as Facebook, snapchat and Instagram. Other than this widespread social media news can be updated through digital media. Although, it can be argued that computer studies has made whole world completely reliant on this technology, but it has resulted in increased critical thinking. Thus, regulation of computer technology can broaden critical thinking in education which is indeed a great benefit for future generation.

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Moreover, teaching computer studies increases career opportunities for teenagers while applying for jobs. Apply the skills and methods learned in computer classes would widen technical knowledge that could be applied on later in the field. For example, hiring clients in a certain company, the mangers often prefer the ones who are qualified and have practical computing skills. While it can be argued that not only teaching a certain subject could furnish to be eligible for jobs and searching for the career opportunities, one would have enough hands on experience. Therefore, regulating computer studies by making it as a compulsory subject can widen career opportunities.

In conclusion, it can be argued that modernized education system requires computer to be a compulsory subject in schools from the initial level and get them used of it from an earlier age. This is because teenagers could be prepared for globally competitive world because it has facilitated education through active research and increased career opportunities. Thus computer course should be made mandatory to ensure proper grooming of young ones before entering into a technological world.


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