Project of high creditability to this project. The

Project of high creditability to this project. The

Project Name: Mega Mall Version: 1. 0 Prepared by: Aboud George KhederChah Organization: AGK Brothers Holding Date Created: 2/2011 Approved by: _______________________ Update Version: 1. 1 Approved by: __________________ Reason of modifying: ___________________________________________ Update Version: 2.

0 Approved by: __________________ Reason of modifying: ___________________________________________ Table of Contents: 1. Project Purpose 2. Project Description 3. Project Deliverables ( High-level scope) 4. Stakeholders 5. High-level Risk 6.

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Constrains and Assumptions . Cost and Duration 8. Project Manager & Authorizations I. Project Purpose: Mega Mall has been created with respect to our strategic plan results, which have recently shown the pure investment environment that Syria relies on. After collecting and calculating the results of market research, we have been clearly informed of the quality of standards expected by Syrian customers, which allowed us to build upon our design for the project. Mega Mall is hence a leading luxury building which will enable customers to have an indulgent and entertaining experience.

In essence, the idea of Mega Mall had been inspired by results from our Strategic plan, which reflected that high quality mall chains would be required throughout the Levant & the Middle East. The aim of this project is to maintain our strong position in the market as a holding group, and to continue to have a high market concentration. By creating projects such as Mega Mall, an investment into our HR’s and FR’s, will create a market challenge and will enable to earn more profit due to our experience in Shopping Mall sector.

The extraordinary Mega Mall is guaranteed to be the leading integrated shopping place in Syria, due to the lack of competitors’ ability to follow both the same caliber of quality and meeting of customers’ expectation; these two reasons combined would thus give a level of high creditability to this project. The main keys of AGK Brothers Holding to establish Mega Mall in Syria are: 1. Having a bigger market share in Malls business. 2. To attract more investors, and include them into our equity shareholding 3.

To obtain a high Margin of profitability, since it is a new idea to the Syrian market 4. To attract and train new Syrians to a high standard, in order to fulfill our HR Strategic Plane II. Project Description: AGK Brothers Holding Co. ’s vision of this project is to build the largest shopping mall in Syria, by combining engineering, Information Technology and Marketing into one large business called Mega Mall.

Mega Mall is a big building, which has four floors- including thirty shops of the best trademarks concerning fashions, multimedia, healthcare, multi-brand shops and a huge supermarket.Mega Mall would have each floor specialized- for example, separate floors for shops, children’s entertainment, a cinema and also for a food court. To make all of these experiences available for customers, we have located this project 20Km away from the city centre of Damascus near Al Mazzeh highway, in the area of Yaffour – which is around twenty minutes by car. In order to make the Mega Mall journey comfortable, we have designed a car park, which surrounds the project and has been designed very carefully to meet high standards of safety (it will also be free of charge to use)III. Project Deliverables (High-level Scope): The following deliverables must be met upon the successful completion of the Mega Mall project (the project sponsor must approve any changes to these deliverables) 1. Building: Building lays on 2 Km? that is highly finished with marble and designed with an Italian theme.

There is also a watercourse that will split the mall into two separate sides- a West wing and an East wing. 2. Facilities: Parking Area should be surrounding the Mall, with a width of 5 meters, white guiding logos on the road and appropriate traffic signposting. 3.

PM: Construction upper management is the AGK Brothers Holding Co. PM Team where they will be in charge for implementation of work and the executing of the project. 4. HR: Very clear HR Plane to attract and hire mid-level expertise to join our Construction team from different professions and so on for other departments, Marketing, Finance, etc. 5. ATM: Internal Integrated ATM Machines, Special Whoops Credit Cards that can be used internally through a pre-designed network and pre-studied plan which gives customers the ability to purchase their desired products/services without paying cash.

. Marketing: Marketing Department should be starting its activity from the date of starting the project, advertising for the project through media and PR events based on a marketing plan that targets a certain level of expectations from the customer. 7. Sales: Shop Rent will start after the first 6 months of starting date, when the tenant is deciding the location of rent, it should be in line with the project internal section map.

Rent payment should be for the first 6 months of the shop handling date in advance, and duration of renting is a case to discuss with the Senior Management.IV. Stakeholders: FunctionStakeholder FinancialProject Sponsor OperationalProject Manager OperationalProject Consultant SupplierMain Contractor SupplierSubcontractor SupplierMaterial Supplier OperationalSales & Marketing Team OperationalPM Team GovernmentalMinistry of Tourism GovernmentalYaffour Municipality GovernmentalMinistry of Irrigation GovernmentalMinistry of Communication GovernmentalMinistry of Environment GovernmentalRoads Authority GovernmentalSecurity Authority FinancialBank FinancialCustomer OperationalAdvertising Company GovernmentalHigher Investment BoardGovernmentalMinistry of Electricity and Power V. High-level Risks: Through research, and after analyzing both of the market and investing laws in Syria, It has been clear enough that our threats and/or risks might be as following: 1.

The appearance of new competitors in the Shopping Mall business in Syria for the time being and compete our project. 2. Global Economic Crises, which might lead, if happened and impact the Syrian economy, to raise the cost of the building material which will affect accordingly the certain budget and duration. 3.Time risk, this point is related to suppliers, new governmental investing laws. 4. New rules created by the higher investment board ‘if happened’ will lead to project executing delay.

VI. Constraints and Assumptions: Constraints: 1. High level Safety Standards which is still indefinite. 2. Water and electricity limitations. 3.

Emergency Room Standards Assumptions: One condition ‘if applicable’ would send the whole project to the Kill-Point which is: ?CANCELING THE LAW OF REAL-ESTATE INVESTMENT AND DEVELOPING Estimating Cost and Time: AGK Brothers Holding Co. ad determined the budget of Mega Mall Project by 1000,000,000 Syrian pounds and has estimated the project’s duration 1 year ahead from the starting date including Initiating, Planning, and Executing periods. Project Manager & Authority: Mr. Aboud George KhederChah is named Project Manager for the duration of the Mega Mall Project. Mr. Khederchah’s responsibility is to manage all project tasks, scheduling, and communication regarding the Mega Mall project. His team, consisting of Head of Engineering Manager, IT Manager, Sales Manager, and Infrastructure Manager will be matrix support from the IT, Engineering, Marketing departments.

Mr. Khederchah will coordinate all resource requirements through the departments’ managers. He is authorized to approve all budget expenditures up to, and including, the allocated budget amounts. Any additional funding must be requested through the Project Sponsor, Mr.

Hanna Ballouz. Mr. Khederchah will provide weekly updates to the Project Sponsor. Mr. Khederchah will have a maximum 10% +Budget with justification of the reasons and he will also have 0% +Duration. Approved by:Approved by:

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