Project 3 Personal Business Plan GEN 220 _____________________________________ STUDENT NAME

Project 3 Personal Business Plan GEN 220 _____________________________________ STUDENT NAME

Project 3
Personal Business Plan
GEN 220
Arwa Gamil _____________________________________
Vision and Opportunity:
I will graduate from Zayed University, with a high GPA. So, I have three goals that I want to achieve them. First goal I want to start to do my master’s degree in UK. I will take Master’s in accounting degree. I chose three university in UK that I will study in one of there. I chose this three universities because I have background about them. First university that I chose it is Loughborough University is one of the top universities that I will apply to study in it and the fee of this university is £39,950in a year. The second university is Oxford University my brother graduates from there, so, the fee for a year £ 13,740. The last university that I chose it is The University of Manchester the fee for one is £25,000. The fee of the university my husband will pay it for me. He will see which one the best for me. Also, he encourages me to complete my study outside country. Therefore, second goal is after a take master’s degree in accounting I want to start applying my CV in The ????State Audit Institution in Abu Dhabi it is a successful company is the supreme audit authority in the United Arab Emirates. My degree may help to attend in this company. Furthermore, after accepting me (SAI), I will star to plan to my own business and do it so, this is third goal that I want to achieve it. My business I will open by own money, that have it from my career. In addition, I want to open a food business because it is one of the most successful business in our country. I chose this business because I love that cooking give me a chance to be creative in food, also, I think it is primitiveness. My purpose is to get my master’s degree and have a suitable job with my goal. My value that I will follow in my career is to be honest in my work also to work hard for it and success in it there, that most value that’s needed that I need to be respectful and to do my work confidently and to be a reliable person. My mission goal is to enable the general population to accomplish their fantasy and upgrade the personal satisfaction for the general population of my nation, to serve my general public with trustworthiness, uprightness and with the best of my capacities, helping everyone in their life, a great deal exertion to accomplish my business objectives, being impart towards the work
There are a few inquiries that are fuel to my fantasies and that assistance me fly towards the achievement of my objectives. These are:
1. What are my center capabilities? What are the variables or characteristics that can end up being useful for me towards the accomplishment of my objectives?
2. What are my shortcomings or imperfections as a part of my identity that hampers my prosperity and shields me from doing what I have dependably been needing to do?
3. How might I deal with my identity and what would it be a good idea for me to do to limit the deterrents in the way I had always wanted and seek after the way of my objectives? How might I control and annihilation my feelings of trepidation?
There are various open doors out there in the market that coordinate my qualities. A portion of these are:
1. I can be contracted by a very much presumed worldwide working in the United Arab Emirates.
2. Subsequent to finishing my master’s qualification I can possibly begin my very own business and make openings for work for other people.

Marketing and Implementation Strategy
United Arab Emirates is the growing state of the world that is the main center of trade. Business and tourism and attract a huge number of people from different world. I have the capacity of getting myself introduced before the businesses in the charming and enamoring way. I need myself to be situated in some notable global. I guarantee to increase the value of the management by offering my abilities and information and by going an additional mile for the advancement of the organization. see myself not quite the same as other in numerous viewpoints. I am vivacious, stalwart and group arranged person who dreams high and buckles down for the accomplishment of those objectives. I don’t end up fit for the work environment where individuals like me are not esteemed and respected. In the event that the work environment and the activity position is repressed, I won’t think that its value contributing my time, vitality and abilities, rather I will move to some place where representatives are esteemed for their center capabilities since I trust that everybody is honored with some aptitude that makes him or her not quite the same as whatever remains of the general population of the world. Furthermore, I have also skills in math I can solve equation in easy way, also I have a good memory to remember a number that also what I needed for my job is to help people who is defined difficult in this section. Therefore, I have a good attitude I respect people a lot I am very helpful to them also. Marketing strategy and implementation for my project about business accounting:
accounting today is a mix of investigation, critical thinking; to carry out the activity right you should have the capacity to impart successfully and manage individuals, not simply numbers. A bookkeeper portrays the soundness of an organization, association or individual, by utilizing their aptitudes in science, bookkeeping, law and fund. In spite of their notoriety for being numbers-driven, most bookkeepers appreciate tackling issues and making key proposals. The activity’s errands are substantially more various than numerous individuals accept. It involves considerably more than simply having a strong learning of arithmetic. Strategy and implementation: I have chosen in my deep interest with Arithmetic area and economic theories, I will hard work within my academic knowledge by implementing in personal life as well as career life to attain organizational objectives.

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Risks and Mitigation
If I had connected for work position in the records division of an organization that had declined me, and I acknowledged that as a test. That disappointment helped me perceive myself and I took a shot at discovering me shortcomings. The inside components that may influence my prosperity are:
1. My own feelings of dread of disappointment
2. Rare assets
3. Deviation from the objectives
The outside components that may go astray me from the objectives are:
1. Changes in the political and social condition of the nation
2. Changes in the legislative approaches in regard to the online organizations
In spite of plans, regularly we think that it’s hard to meet our targets. Here are some reinforcement designs:
1. There is hazard that my concept of Intelligent Tutors probably won’t work the manner in which I have arranged. I have chosen to alleviate this hazard by opening another business of food truck. This will enable me to expand my portfolio.
2. I will begin online orders
3. In the event that I couldn’t proceed with my endeavor of online instruction, I would contribute my assets for some philanthropy association.
Risk and migration for intelligent employs system:
The key milestones that I aimed to apply in my business is to provide a best system to help the company and the risk that we might face also that some employs cannot accept work because sometimes account take a lot time when work and they should be focus. So, we have to help them in a wide range in the UAE. And offering a best way to help them. One more risk that intelligent tutor’s system might be expensive to improve it.

Ethics are the sign of a fruitful business person’s life. I will guarantee rehearsing the moral laws and will submit to the worker right laws and the corporate social duty.
I respect Mr. Muhammad Younus, Scott Harrison and Akhtar Hameed Khan who worked for the advancement of the general public and to improve the world a place to live in.
I will aggregate up my fantasy as: To prevail to help other people succeed!
ought to be in intelligent accounting is basically a field of connected morals and is a piece of business morals and human morals, the investigation of good qualities and judgments as they apply to account. Account later extended by government gatherings, proficient associations, and autonomous organizations. Morals are instructed in accounting courses at advanced education establishments and in addition by organizations preparing bookkeepers and reviewers.

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