• finishing the program will be a

• finishing the program will be a

• Identify one professional short-term and one long-term goal. Examples include career, duties, and levels of responsibility in current position. – Short term goal: Obtain CCM designation – Long term goal: Become Nurse Practitioner • Identify one personal short-term and one long-term goal. Examples include self, family, educational, and lifestyle. – Short term goal: Be a good student – Long term goal: Become healthier person • Name needed skills including utilizing resources, effective communication, teamwork, and education and certification.

• Professional goals: Study materials for CCM exam – Need financial resources – Be able to work as a team rather than independently – Maintain RN licensure – Must obtain BSN/MSN in order to reach long term goal of NP • Personal goals: – Better study habits – Be able to work on a team – Possibly weight watchers online – Buy scale – weigh once a week – www. calorie-count. com to keep food/exercise diary – Buy healthier food – Eat less fast food – cook more home cooked meals, less processed food, less sugar – Try to get family to participate in healthier eating – exercise? Name milestones for achieving the short-term and long-term goals. • Professional milestones: finishing each class will be a milestone, finishing the program will be a milestone towards my long term goal • Personal milestones: each pound lost will be a milestone, short term goals towards eating healthier and losing weight would be weight loss at 5, 10, 25, 50 lbs, feeling better, going down clothing sizes, being able to walk around the block without getting short of breath and without my knees/feet aching.

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Identify barriers and how to overcome them. • Professional barriers: financial, work, time constraints, family, keeping myself motivated, finding time to study for CCM, limited experience is several areas that are tested on CCM, procrastination with study time • Personal barriers: limited time for school/study, don’t remember as much as I used to, lack of support from family, time constraints lead to eating out and eating high calorie foods, lack of motivation and self-control, convenience issues lead to eating high calorie foods and eating out Identify management of time. Take 60 mins per day for reading material + ? to 1 weekend day to meet with group and finish any projects. Study at work to be more productive as kids/husband interrupt study time at home. Important to spend 1 day a week without work/school and spend time with family.

Possibly do some reading during 30 minute lunch at work. • Include conclusion and recommendations. • Include at least three references with two from scholarly journals. Introduction Body Conclusion/summary

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