heyStarting They have Payton Manning, Edgerrin James,

heyStarting They have Payton Manning, Edgerrin James,

heyStarting off with Ted and Chris sitting in their dorm room listing to the radio.

Ted is sitting on his bed and Chris is sitting by his desk. They are having a discussion about who is going to win the Super Bowl, when there is a knock at the door.Ted- I think that the Rams are going to win the Super Bowl again this year. They are unbeatable. Chris- Na man, it’s going to be the Titans or the Colts. The Titans have an unstoppable defense and the ColtsTed- Hold on a minute, you said that the Titans have an unstoppable defense..

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.Are you kidding me, (pause) is that why the Rams beat them last year in the Super Bowl.Chris- This is true but I think that their defense is better this year. They got some pretty good players in the off season. But that is only if they can get past the Colts.Ted- The Colts? How can you even compare the Colts to the Rams.Chris- Yeah the Colts.

They have Payton Manning, Edgerrin James, and Marvin Harrison. Their offense is just as good as the Rams if not better. Plus I thought that you hated the Rams.Ted- I never said that I liked the Rams, but they are the best team in the league. First of all, the only receiver that the Colts have is Marvin Harrison. The Rams have four good receivers. Then on top of that they have Marshall Faulk, who not only can run as good as Edgerrin James but he can also catch the ball out of the backfield and James can’t.

Plus they have Kurt Warner who guns people better then Payton Manning.Chris- Yeah but what if he gets hurt?Ted- Who?Chris- (sarcastically) “God”-I mean Kurt Warner.Ted- Don’t worry about that. They also have Trent Green coming off of the bench, he is good enough to start for most teams in the league.A knock is heard at the door.

Ted- Do you want me to get it or do you want to.Chris- Get your lazy ass up and get it yourself.Both Ted and Chris start laughing and then the knock is heard again this time harder and louder.Ted- Alright hold on a sec, I’m coming.Ted then answers the door and in storms Christine who looks upset and is about to cry.

Ted- Christine is everything alright. You look very upset, what is bothering you.Christine plops down on Ted’s desk chair and Ted returns to his bed.

Christine- No, everything is not alright, I just got off of work and I have a ten page report to write. Then after that I have four chapters to read in one book and two in another. There is no possible way that I will be able to finish this by tomorrow morning, It is already 11 o’clock.Chris- Why did you wait until the last minute to do all of your homework? You knew that this things had to be done and especially your report. How long have you known about this report.Christine- Well first of all, I have only known about this report for about a month. Ted- Wait a minute, you have known about this report for a month and you haven’t done anything on it yet.

Procrastinator.Christine- Don’t call me a procrastinator. I have had so many other things to do, that have kept me busy.Chris- Well, you should have made time to do this so that you wouldn’t have this problem. So, it is your own fault that nothing is done.Christine- Well, I did not come over here to fight with you guys, I came over to ask you if I could use your computer.

Chris- Well I don’t know, you have been giving us both an attitude. Plus, what if I want to go to sleep and you are not done.Christine- First of all, I am sorry for giving you guys an attitude, I am just really stressed over all of the work that I have to do.

Ted- I can understand that, but I still don’t wait until the night before something is due to do it. That is just a really bad thing to do. One day you will get yourself into major trouble doing that.

Christine- I know, but it is just that I have had so many other papers to due, plus a lot of reading. Just take my English class for example, I have had to read and do a report on Hamlet and Macbeth in the past three weeks.Chris- I know this. Remember, I am in your English class too.

Christine- O yeah, I forgot.Chris- That’s right you forgot.Ted- Okay, you can use our computer, as long as you keep quiet if we want to go to bed.Christine- I promise, I don’t have any time to make noise, I have to get all of this work done.Chris- If you make any noise, I will seriously hurt you.Christine- I promise.

Chris- Okay then, it is okay.Christine- Okay, I’m going to go get my books then, be back in like 10 minutes. K.Christine then hurridly exits the room. Chris and Ted then begin a conversation about how they can not stand Christine when she whines. Ted also gets up to make sure that the door is shut and locked.

Chris- Are you leaving me in here with that psycho?Ted- No, I just want to make sure that the door is locked.Chris- Good call. Yo, maybe its me, but I can’t stand when he is a whiney little bitch.Ted then returns to his bed and lays down.

Ted- Neither can I, she is very annoying and she has that squeaky little annoying voice that I can’t stand.Chris- I know exactly what you are talking about. It is one of those voices that makes you cringe when you hear it because it gives you such a headache.Chris then gets up and moves to his bed, where he opens up the drawer under his bed and gets what appears to be a shirt and pair of pants. He then goes off stage in what we assume to be a bathroom.

Ted- I really can’t stand her sometimes, she gets on my nerves sometimes to the point where I just want to slam my head into the wall.Chris- (as water is heard running from off stage) No, I don’t want to slam my head into a wall, I want to slam hers into one.Ted and Chris start laughingTed- Good point, why would I want to do that, when I would get much more enjoyment of that, not to mention that fact that it would hurt me a lot less.The both start laughing harderChris- (laughing so hard that he can barely speak) I know what you mean.There is then a knock at the door.Ted- You know who that is.

Chris- Yeah, should we answer it.Ted- No, just play along.Ted- Who is it.Christine is heard from off stageChristine- Come on guys, stop playing.

You know that I have to get this done for tomorrow and I don’t have time for playing any games.Chris- We don’t want any. We have enough shit in our room.Ted- Yeah, whatever you’re selling, we don’t need anymore.Christine- (Again heard from off stage) Seriously stop playing, I really need to get this done and have absolutly no time for any childish games.Ted- Okay hold on for a sec.

Ted- (to Chris) It’s your turn to get up, I got up last time.Chris- Well, I don’t really feel like getting up, so I guess that she will have to go somewhere else or sit there and whine all night.Christine- Come on guys, hurry up, I really have no time to spare.Ted- (to Chris) Come on dude, just get up, before she really start whining and we have to hear that voice.Chris- O yeah, that annoying little voice.Chris then gets up and sprints to the door, then Ted start to histerically laugh at the antics of Chris. Chris then answers the door.

Christine- Geez, took you guys long enough. (To Ted) What is so funny?Ted- Nothing, just something that I just heard on the radio.Christine- Can I turn that off because I can’t concentrate with that on. Plus, don’t you guys have homework to do?Chris- You’re asking us if we have homework to do?Ted- Unlike you, some people do their homework ahead of time so that they are not rushing at the last minute to get things done.Christine- You know what, I am really starting to not like you guys.Chris- Good, does that mean that we don’t have to see you anymore.

Christine- Screw you guys, I can’t believe that some people can be so mean. I’m going somewhere else to do my work.Ted- No, wait.

I’m sorry, sometimes when we joke around, we take it a little too far.Chris- Yeah, I’m sorry too. I didn’t mean what I said, I was just joking around with you.Christine- Yeah, sometimes, you guys do take it a little far. One day you will realize that and you might even lose a friend or two.Chris- We are really sorry, we didn’t mean it. We jsut like to joke around sometimes.Ted- Yeah, especially when we have our work done.Both, Chris and Ted, start to laugh uncontrollably.Christine

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