Procedures in the event of an accident

Procedures in the event of an accident

Procedures in the event of an accident, incident and emergency
In an event of an accident I would write in my accident book where it happened how it happened what time and date. And if any treatment was required. I would make sure I signed this form showed the parents and got their signatures and given them a copy. I may also need to have a look at my risk assessments and make changes if and where needed.
In the event of an incident i.e. there was a house fire I would evacuate all the children calmly and safely into my front garden (into the car if raining or cold weather). I would do my head counts to ensure no child was left behind. I would then contact the emergency services once all children are out the house safely. I would then call all parents to inform them there has been a fire, but all children are safe and if they could pick up their children. If they are unable to collect their children I would take the children to the children’s centre a few yards away from my home and wait there until the parents arrive to collect their children.
In the event of an emergency i.e. a child has an anaphylactic shock I would first make sure to stay calm and keep the child as calm and reassured as possible. I would also ensure the correct medical treatment would be given instructed by the parents in the child’s medical records. I would call 999 and call the parents to inform them of the emergency situation. I would also make sure I had 2/3 emergency contacts for the child. And when the emergency services arrive I would show them and inform them of the child’s medical history. This would also be recorded in my accident book for my records and parents. If for any reason I must go to the hospital for example I fall over and sprain my ankle, or I need to take a child in my care to the hospital, I would call my assistant which is my mother and wait until she arrives to take over the care of the children. She would then contact all parents to let them know of the situation and to collect the children within 2 hours as the assistant is only allowed to mind the children for a maximum 2 hours alone without my presence if unqualified but my mother is a level 3 certified child carer, so this would not apply and she would carry on the care for the children until the parents come to collect the children.


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