Pro-LifeEnglish the Supreme Court decided on two

Pro-LifeEnglish the Supreme Court decided on two

Pro-LifeEnglish I1Abortion, when the topic comes up, it is usually something people do not like to discuss. People may tend to avoid this issue for fear of offending or angering others but it is extremely important that the horrors of this brutal practice be addressed.

During the years 1965-1996 over 515 million babies have been murdered, this is if you add the number of chemical and surgical abortions ( This is what we need to understand: abortion kills and we need to know where it came from.The legalization of abortion started in Mississippi in the year 1966; it was used in the cases of rape.

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Then other states began to expand the use of abortion. For instance, if it was the case of rape, incest, or the fetus had abnormalities or if it could seriously affect the mother’s health. In the year 1973 the Supreme Court decided on two cases, Roe v.

Wade and Doe v. Bolton. These decisions now effectively legalized abortions for any number of reasons. 1976, things have barely changed at all, but some laws have been passed to somewhat protect the babies. In Missouri permission for an abortion now had to be granted from the mother’s parents if the mother is under eighteen or if she is married permission from her husband. May 12 1994, Bill Clinton virtually eliminated our first amendment rights of peaceful pro-life protestors by signing the law the freedom of Access Clinics Entrance Act (FACE).

This act halted the right to demonstrate outside of an abortion clinic. 2Many may say abortion is not murder but if you look at the way it is done you may change your mind. One way is called Partial Birth Abortion (D&X); it can kill babies up to thirty-two weeks old.

The abortionist (murderer in this case) removes all of the baby from the mother except for the head, he then jab a pair of scissors in the back of the babies skull and then he uses a suction hose to suck out the babies brain. Then he uses forceps to crush the babies’ skull and pull the rest of the babies’ body out. Salt poisoning is also used, where salt is injected and the bay dies of convulsions due to salt poisoning ( If they can say this is not murder, then what is? Abortion is not painless for the mother either.

Over ninety-seven percent of women have reported feeling pain it is often described as intense, severe, or very severe. Abortion is also not without side effects. Complications such as bleeding, hemorrhaging, menstrual disturbances or inflammation of the reproductive organs. Sometimes abortion can cause damage to the uterus and make the woman infertile for the rest of her life. (Abortion some medical facts pamphlet.

) Also if you are a women and have had an abortion you increase your chances of having breast cancer by fifty percent. Abortion has no good results in for the mother or the poor murdered baby. In the end it will always cause physical and emotional pain.

What do religious beliefs have to do with abortion? They have everything to do with it. I am a Christian and my whole faith is based on the Bible. In the Bible there are the Ten Commandments and they say, “Though shall not kill”(God) and when our 3doctors are killing babies, they are committing murder. This is purely defying the word of God.

One big debate for a while has been, whether the fetus is part of the mother’s body or its own self? Everybody has a genetic code. Now look at the mothers and the fetus, are they the same or are they different? They are completely different. You can say a woman may do whatever she wants with her own body but the fetus is not her own body it is a separate human.

In the Bible in Psalm 129 it says David was a unique person even in his mothers womb. God has a plan for every life. So why should we end them? My own personal beliefs of abortion come from my Christian faith. My strong Christian family supports me. I have accepted Jesus Christ as my savior and that is why I am doing this paper. I felt he would want people to know the truth of abortion even if it is just a class of ninth grade students. I believe abortion is wrong and it is murder.

Like I was saying before about the Ten Commandments. I have known them since I was about three years old and “Do not murder” always stuck in my head. So when they kill the babies they are saying “Oh yeah God I don’t care that I’m murdering one of your children but I am getting a lot of money here and that is all that matters now”. How can these doctors live with themselves after they do this everyday? It is sad that our society the western civilization believes that this is right and acceptable. Abortion is flat out wrong.When I hear the word abortion I immediately think of murder.

I was discussing the issue with some friends and they were saying the baby is the consequence of the girl and the guy. They had sex and made the baby that is what happens. If you really do not want the 4baby don’t kill it. Put it up for adoption or find people who want a baby. There a lot of Pro-life organizations that would help you get information on alternatives to abortion. Rock for Life is great organization that is sponsored by Christian musicians and they have a lot of good information about pro-life. I first heard about this about three weeks ago when I saw the band Pax 217 play a concert and I was talking to there bass player, Josh.

He explained to me what it was all about and how they were trying to prevent abortion and promote alternatives. So in conclusion abortion is not the solution to “problem or inconvenient” pregnancies. Abortion is murder. We should support life and not stop it. Bibliographywww.rockforlife.

orgwww.prolife.orgEncarta encyclopediaAbortion Some medical Facts PamphletLife in the Balance Robert N. Wennberg

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