1. They must have a breakeven/ balance

1. They must have a breakeven/ balance

1. How does Metabical compare to current weight-loss options? * It was the only prescription drug to achieve the FDA * No side effects * Moderate weight loss for overweight people not the obese like other weightloss drugs * Dual layer controlled realise formulation. First layer appetite suppressant, 2nd layer is the fat blocker. Low dose levels of chemicals, so doesn’t cause heart or liver diseases. 2. What are the pros and cons of the forecasting methods presented by Printup? If you had to estimate demand for this product, how would you go about it? What would your demand (unit) forecast look like for the first five years? Missing the broader potential target market, as they are only focusing solely on the 35 to 65 y. o educated females * More aggressively forecasted by using results from the Cambridge Sciences Pharmaceuticals (CSP) survey that specifically addresses the consumer interest in a prescription weight loss drug.

* PROS: she developed the three models of approaches but the problem was all of them were based on assumptions. * Before making any recommendations, she must explore and analyse the assumptions to see if it’s true. * She must guarantee that the three models must be achievable before proceeding in with the new product. Focus not only on the ideal target market, statistics says more males would be interested in weight loss products, therefore MUST expand target market. 3. What considerations should be taken into account when making decisions about the package count? What package size would you recommend? * Timing decisions and the pricing * They must have a breakeven/ balance for the pricing and the 12 week supply of the weight loss drug. (ie.

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You will be able to achieve optimal weight loss within 12 weeks of the drug, however paying for 12 weeks of the product is out of some people’s wage. * The design of the packaging should reflect something of a childbirth control pill, as the drug must be taken on the same time everyday to be fully effective. * Sample packaging of one week, to test allergic reaction to the drug. * Reduce the packaging to 4 weeks so more affordable, but still offer the 12 week dosage but with a saving. (ie. Buy in bulk saves you money) * Have customer service call and remind customers after their 4 week dosage, they can choose to buy the next dosage. But the packaging will state that the 12 WEEK DOSAGE IS THE RECOMMENDED FOR OPTIMAL WEIGHTLOSS.

. What pricing strategy approaches would you suggest Printup explore? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each strategy> What price would you recommend? * Offer deposit payment, and then offer weekly payments for the weight loss drug. Analyse country with PESTEL * Advantage: even people with a average income can afford * Disadvantage: economy, people living in debt, company might go bankrupt (losing credit) * Packaging trial (1week),may discourage people from buying the 12 week dosage as people would question why they need 13 weeks of dosage when optimal is 12 weeks.So small dosage packaging will be more appropriate. However its cheaper to buy the 12 week dosage.

* 5. What impact does your pricing decision have on profitability? What is the ROI over the first five years for each of the pricing strategies identified? * CALCULATIONS : that 13 weeks saves money( cheaper) * With the smaller dosages packaging, it is a little bit more expensive. * IS IT OUR STRATEGIES OR THE ARTICLES STRATEGIES?

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