A manner.Threats of whether our business will

A manner.Threats of whether our business will

A SWOTT analysis evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of the organization and the opportunities and threats to the organization in the industry. It is used as a basis for strategic planning. The organization will transform its goals, objectives, vision and mission into a strategic plan.Threats facing our creation of the E-booth will be keeping up with technological changes. We will study our competitors’ services and prices and make the necessary adjustments to be ahead of our competitors.

The E-booth will be able to adopt new internet technologies rapidly to stay competitive. Included in the business strategic plan will be a funding plan. The plan will evaluate and research how much repair and replacement costs are and establish how much funds should be reserve for the inevitable.All employees and staff members will be motivated and trained efficiently of the operation and services of the E-booth.

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All members will be able to operate each function and instruct the operation of the E-booth. The training guidelines will consist of training strategies to make the education of the E-booth second nature. Employees will be dedicated to representing the E-booth in a professional manner.Threats of whether our business will be considered a good employer and having good service will be mindful.

We will make sure the quality of our internet services is one of the best and will conduct transformation meetings and conference calls every week or as many that is needed to make sure our internet services are exceptional.”Strategic goals will be organizational communication, critical thinking and working together, supported by an information system that will move the organization forward” (Gaddie, 2003, p.5). The organization will have shared understanding of our mission. Goals will be to commit to the strategy, vision and the direction. And one critical goal will be to develop an exit strategy because E-business is a large market and we have to consider the reality of a business collapse.ReferencesGaddie, S.

(2003). Enterprise program management. Deliver your strategic goals. Project Corps. Retrieved February 2, 2005, from http://www.projectcorps.

com.McNamara, C. (1999). Strategic planning in nonprofit or for-profit organizations.

Retrieved February 2, 2005, from http://www.mapnp.org.

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