University and users. | | Comments on networking|

University and users. | | Comments on networking|

University of Phoenix Material Unix® and Linux® Comparison Matrix Directions: Choose three different versions of the UNIX® or Linux® operating systems to compare in the following matrix. Insert the three chosen versions and fill out the columns based on the components on the left-hand side of the matrix. Components| Solaris 9| Redhat Linux| NetBSD| Role of shell| Bourne Shell is the default.

Reads commands inputted into the system. | The default shell is bash. The shell allows users to type commands and have the output displayed on the screen. | | Three features and roles of each feature| 1.RBAC – Role based access control.

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This creates rights to the system. 2. Live upgrade command-line features.

When upgrading the system the percentage completed is displayed. 3. Secure LADAP. This allows to name objects and create secure access to the naming server. | 1.

Virtualization – This allows multiple machines to connect to the network using their own opearting system. 2. UTF8 – Default character encoding allows international use for non english speaking users. 3. Implemented OpenJDK – RedHat is the first enterprise ready to come with fully open source Java stack. | Comments on security| Solaris allows you to lock down items such as telnet and force these types of tools to use ssh. | Finger provides information to hackers about the system running, Linux allows this feature to be turned off.

The system is free and therefore lots of people have created ways to help secure this. Lots of good websites to provide insturctions on securing the system. | | Comments on administration| A lot of features are able to be performed without the admin sitting doing them. For example automatic dynamic reconfiguration allows for load based operations.This means the system bases its usage of the system load, the administrator does not need to allocate space. | Red hat is an easy Unix system for first time unix users to administer. This is built to be user friendly for administrators and users.

| | Comments on networking| Using in-kernel cache allows the system to use system memory to increase HTTP performance. This increases the speed for the web server and minimizes overhead between kernal and web server. | Access control allows the network to prevent outside access that is unauthorized and really watch what is happening on the network. | Comments on performance| Many features were created to increase performance. The in-kernal cache increases internet performance. The mkfs reduces the time to create file systems.

| | | Comments on programmability| The shell in Solaris is meant to be programmible to allow repeatative tasks. | | | Other| Solaris is known for its scalability. Solaris is able to run one million active processes in a single instance. This allows more to be done in less time.

| | Created at Berkely univiersity|

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