Pornography, the strength of beating pirate and

Pornography, the strength of beating pirate and

Pornography, a term which varies from nation to nation, from person to person, has , in many cases when it was regarded as a mysterious for a large number of chinese student , been critisized by many of the upper class in the daily modern societies-especially the parents who are strongly prone to turn against it. In my perspective, there are some effective way to render the children taboo it.First of all, as far as everyone know that media has a favorable impact upon the step of the social morality which is a assessment to evaluate a person is good or not. so some one should take the advantage of the public media to broadcast the event that the blackmarket sell lots of discs about the blue movies to the innocent and pure students around some of the ivory tower. Meanwhile , those things are distractions of making students always think about them instead of the study. Furthermore , in terms of the same case we have been used on the administrstion of the government via the media , we could pay more attention on the way of the successful case.

Secondly, government , literally speaking, a machine which is served to the country, has the most poweful right to deal with the conflict. There is a strange phemomen that as if , in the cosumers day in china , government will strive to aresst most of the monger snaking around cosumers. Nonetheless, the strength of beating pirate and pornography industry can not last long-just a few days.

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And the aftermath is that they are ressuicate from the ruin of the inspection. So the government should make a continuous effort to it turn against the pornography and the pirate spreading around high schools.Finally, maybe the most direct way is to chat with the children. If some one wants to solve the problem ,he or she should understand the essence of the problem.

so we should ,first, understand the mind of the children. And then narrow the the gap of theRelationship between the parents and children, talking to them patiently and kindly as their friends. At this time ,the best moment to solve it, parents could educate them passionately and successfully.

In conclusion, these factors would influnce the chance of success to put an end to the pornography.

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