Pollans change the light bulbs because he

Pollans change the light bulbs because he

Pollans summary Helping preserve our earth is something every individual should be taking a part of because our planet is on the fast track to no longer existing. Michael Pollan’s article “Why Bother? ” opens reader’s eyes in a good effective manor, using rhetorical strategies to help them see the good that comes out of going green. He captivates his audience questioning what are they doing to help our climate change for the better without hurting the planet even more and he beliefs that it is not too little too late to make a difference.Pollan’s article is well composed, he uses examples of current/past events and also practical examples of everyday tasks to show then cons and pros of going green and does not show where he stands until the end. In the beginning he leads on readers to think why even bother it is too late for whatever we may try to do.

He suggest that people are just plain lazy and don’t want to change their lifestyles so makes it seem impossible to make a change, “Al Gore asks us to change the light bulbs because he probably can’t imagine us doing anything much more challenging” (97).There are too many skeptics with their own theories, whether or not going green is good or bad we really don’t know where we actually stand in this fight. He then tells us that waiting around for our government to take action or waiting on technology to get developed and make something happen is not going to get anything done any faster so individuals should start taking action. After explaining and going back and forth giving the good, bad, and setbacks we face to better our climate, Pollan reveals where he stands which is not too late to change and help preserve our earth’s climate.When you have so many people who can’t even change a light bulb in order to make a small difference, where do we really stand in this fight? Government does not act until people make it a concern.

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Pollan says that waiting for our government and technology to help our issue will make the process extremely slow and just suggest that, “were not serious about changing” (96). If individuals don’t take it upon themselves and start acting then who is going to?People look up to their leaders in times of crisis or concern and for us to wait for those leaders, experts, laws, money, and even big ideas to pop up Pollan says that this sort of thinking really isn’t going to help us get out of the predicament. Going green is more of a fad than anything, even our own leaders don’t stick by what should be good for our environment “1980s, Ronald Reagan took down Jimmy Carters solar panels from the white house” (98).Pollan beliefs by taking action, people can set examples for other people which can turn into a possible chain reaction where “if you do bother…consciousness will be raised, perhaps even changed,” more individuals get involved changing their thought process and gaining a great sense of self accomplishments to do more (98). The idea sounds great in words but actually going through with it is going to be the hard part.

Too many people are used to their lifestyles and don’t want to change their daily habits so it makes it difficult to do so. Who knows maybe, “not having things might become cooler than having them,” but people want it all so it’s hard to change mentalities when they are in their comfort zone not looking for change (98). If we could get more people turn to being green the more appeal there is for the market demand and many more green products and technologies will rise for a great cause.

A small thing like growing your own garden goes a long way and that is what Pollan is pushing for people to see and take part of. Growing your own food can possibly lead individuals to think differently by making them even more concerned and are able to contribute much more to help the issue. Pollan says “You quickly learn that you need not be dependent on specialist to provide for yourself,” which makes perfect sense (100).

You will no longer be looked at as just a consumer or citizen but a producer as well.By having your own garden and your neighbors having one too Pollan suggest that it could bring people closer together by having common ground are able to chit chat about what their growing, borrow tools, and possibly exchanging goods. It would bring the communities together and once you have movement amongst people it makes it easier for people to accept change to help our planet. Pollan uses great examples to get his message across and relates to so many ndividuals making them really think of the issue and what they are actually doing in their own lives to be green.

Our climate change has been pretty rapid over the years due our existence and there’s no doubt that people need to unite in order to help it. If everyone would take Pollan’s suggestion of growing your own garden in effect you will not only be helping our climate but also putting your mind at ease knowing that you are trying.

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