Complaint The department comprises of one assistant

Complaint The department comprises of one assistant

Complaint procedures at the identified organization The royal St Lucia police force, is the organization reasponsible for taking or receiving complaints made by , members of the public, against the police and the department that deals with that is the Complaints Unit.Within the Royal St Lucia Police Force officers are sworn in to serve and to protect they play a vital role and a key element in the country’s society’s. The complaints unit was set up to enable members of the public who have felt they were been ill treated to make reports also to encourage parsons to make report against its members, which they have found or seen involved in wrong doings.

I have decided to research on the complaints procedures at the Identified (RSLPF) Because its the largest organization in the country, its is island wide, I also believe the information received would be accurate because everything done in this organization is said to be documented on paper and hard copies are made All their information through the country are interlinked, so I would be able to get data from any point. It the organization I have often heard the public proceed to lodge complaints at the unit. Hence the Reason I have decided to use the RSLPF.Systems in place for members of the public to lodge complaints against the body or agency In 2003 a parliament Act entitled police complaints Acts was signed providing a receipt for investigation and determination of complaints received in related matters against members of the RSLPF.

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The department comprises of one assistant superintendant of police who is posed, with the responsibility of being overall in charge but also responsible, for investigating complaints made against the rank directly below (inspector. Sergeants investigate complaints made against the rank directly below which is (Copral). Copral investigates complaints made against the rank directly below (constables) five members are posed with the responsibility of investigating the reports made. Note if a complaint is made by a member of public against a rank higher than the rank of the officer overall in charge of their complaints unit. The commissioner will therefore have to appoint an officer of a more superior rank to perform the investigation.These members of the police force are the designated persons for investigation of complaints throughout the country.

Is there a standard form, is there a disciplinary committee in place is it active There is a standard form for complaints, these forms can either be collected at the secretariat at the ministry of home affairs, the police complaints unit head quarters, police force northern division, police force southern division, the form can be completed by the complainant, After completion it is returned to the office of the complaints unit.The complainant can also go to the police complaints commission secretariat ministry of home affairs or the complaints unit and give a verbal complaint where it will be taken down in writing. When lodging the complaint. Full Name of complaint must be included ,alias, address for event of correspondence. (tel,fax,email,etc) the name of the accused officer, force number, department/station of work if available describe the event what happened , persons involved, what was said, times, location, clothing worn, description of the accused all the information which would assist in gathering facts.

Note the findings and recommendation have to be clear and precise information to prepare a notice to the complaint and the accused officer involved. When the notice is served it an actual summons that would indicate the times place and date of hearing and its nature. There is a disciplinary committee in place and its active and effective. All matters related to officers are heard in an orderly room and if found guilty you can either be suspended, fined, dismissed or imprisoned. Have any complaints been lodged recently es complaints have been lodged recently complaints are lodged mostly every month between Monday and Friday from 8- 4:30 .

.but to date people are very open to making their complaints, the public is not afraid to come forward and it appears that they will continue coming placing their trust and confidence in the complaints unit. Comparison of last year to this year in number of complaint Well in comparison to last year and this year with complaints being lodged. last year had more complaints lodged. So that means there is a decrease of lodged complaints this year.And this would mainly because of such factors as to how the the police went about dealing with criminals, the number of warrants which was executed, the public shootings,. These are all factors which contributed to the public uprising against the police and causing a feeling of anger aggravation rage mistrust etc against the police.

Persons whose family members were shot by the police, ill treated, assaulted brutalized, persons, who caused force to be used against them own self. These are the people more likely to have have lodged formal complaints.In comparison to last year and this year crime decreased. Between 1-40 complaints were lodged about 40 %were heard 60 percent dismissed. Because of not enough facts evidence to press charges. Some officers were fined some were suspended dismissed sentenced.

This year between 1-25 complaints were lodged about 20 were heard a few suspension without pay prolonged up to one year and still pending. Has any compensation been paid yes members of the public has actually been compensated, some has actually gotten justice.Becuause after the whole court proceeding is over and both party heard, then there is a verdict which would indicate what form of action ,that should or would be brought forward whether to be compensate th complainant or suspended dismissed or to charge the actual accused, or to charge the complainant for time wasting. Any court cases as a result yes there are court cases once a complaint is lodged the report is investigated and if there is enough evidence to charged the accused the matter at hand has to go to court, which is referred to the orderly room which is a court for police officers. f the evidence provided by the complainant is inefficient the they will disregard the complaint. Is the complaints procedures effective Yes the complaints procedures are effective because it allows you to record your own statement, nobody holds you against your will, and it is not done by any force, if you have written a report and you wish to terminate it after its been logged you can. The report is kept confidential to the extreme.

It allows the public to trust the organization because it brings them to justice. It provides a foundation for officers to be more careful and professional at their job.It allows members of public to be compensated for damages, loses, harm. It allows for person s who make false report against the police to be charged. It allow the public to report officers who they have found to be involved in wrong doings.

It allows the public to get justice against civil servants.. Can you identify a possible complainant for an interview It was possible to identify a complainant for interview. Getting an individual for an interview was difficult. The officers never gave me a name they indicated it was confidential.

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