Heather 1. An elderly man stares at you

Heather 1. An elderly man stares at you

Heather Comp. 1 Steve McCurry Assignment Photo 1. An elderly man stares at you with a typical expression of one of the artists subjects, seeming to have no understanding of what would make them an interesting photograph. The main focus is placed on his aged face; his brown skin has an appearance of leather, with wrinkles so deep he almost looks to be made of something other than flesh. A neutral expression seems to convey he is neither joyed nor displeased with the position he has been handed in life.To find the expression in this man one must look into his eyes for there you see many hard years have been suffered from his body.

On his head he wears a cap in vivid shades of red and green, a stark contrast to the tone of his skin. From beneath his cap protrudes a tuft of hair that seems to have the form of fine strands of hay. He gives the impression that he is dressed for some type of ritual, or perhaps is a member of a religious sect; besides the vivid hat he also wears brightly colored clothing of equally vibrant reds and yellows and a long strand of beads around his neck.His shoulder are slumped in a typical fashion that somebody who has worked hard, and aged to this point, will often assume; the old man’s shoulders look as if you can see the weight of many struggling years of upon them. Behind the gentleman is a wall and doorway painted in colors that almost match the garments he is attired in. Photo 2. A canary haired young woman stands on the sidewalk of Bowery Street in the East Village Section of New York City.

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She is awash in a half rainbow of colors, dressing from only one side of the color wheel.From the sunny yellow she has died her hair, to the neon pink Chuck Taylor sneakers on her feet she is donned head to toe in warm hues of color. She is wearing a frumpy oversized sweater of red and pink and jeans made of an orange fabric that exudes thoughts of a juicy tangerine; even the color of her nail polish and necklace are a bold shade of pink. The only thing on her body devoid of color is her skin, a shade so pale you are forced to wonder if she has ever seen the sun before this day.Her location is known not for telling but because of the sign in which she pauses beneath. The tattered greyish white awning has telltale pointy ended brown and black block letters that inform you, this is location of the iconic music club CBGB. Behind her is the front entrance of a location that does not outwardly display the magnitude of influence it had upon many of different generations.

The building front and the long since covered windows are painted black, with graffiti and old flyers providing the only color to the front of the location.A man dressed in fashion of the time, but never the fashion worn in this club, enters through the front door carrying a backpack, raising the question of his reasons for being there. Also behind the subject, next door to CBGB, hangs an art installation made of clear balloons tied to strings, in an upside down pyramid shape.

In front of the young woman is a bright red car that matches the outfit she has chosen. When you closely look at the vehicle you can see the scene described reflected in the shiny paint and window of the roof.Photo 3. The vastness of the temple complex of Angkor Wat, in Cambodia, is seen in this photograph.

One of the first things your eyes are drawn to are two Buddhist monks standing in a door way; they are dwarfed by the magnitude of the cliff side building of whose opening they stand at the precipice of. These monks are attired in orange robes so vibrant you cannot help but cast your eyes in their direction. One of the monks appears to be reading from the precarious location where they have chosen to stand.The stone carvings have seen many years of weathering, yet this only adds more character to the awe inspiring architecture that is this temple. Looking upon these faces you wonder what they have seen during the centuries of standing guard over Angkor Wat.

The stone faces engraved upon the building look down upon visitors with a watchful eye; these forms as well as years of moss growth give the building a feeling of being alive.Adding to the impression that this building transcends the lines between manmade and natural is the yellow flowered bush growing from the side of one of its spires as well as the green leaves that sprout from the top of one of the heads, giving an appearance of a comical wig on top of a god. The trees of vibrant green, that spring from the background of the temple, appear to grow directly from the ancient stone. This photograph leaves a profound impression upon the viewer; it is not surprising that so many westerners travel to view this unbelievable sight.

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