Bernie world, and Americans especially are very

Bernie world, and Americans especially are very

Bernie Kunce English 101 Peter Singer’s Solution In this persuasive essay Peter covers a lot of emotional and disturbing topics. Although he is rite, some of his comparisons are very extreme. People around the world, and Americans especially are very greedy. Whatever you problems are, somebody in a 3rd world country has it ten times worse. I noticed that Peter used a lot of Legos, Pathos, and Ethos.

He gave great examples of the morally wrong decisions we make every day that effect people around the world, and we don’t even know it.The first topic I am going to talk about is ethos. He used almost all of the different descriptions of ethos. The only one he did not use was humor. First he used visual presentation through his writing by being very descriptive about the fancy restaurants, and the beach hotels. He also went into detail about some of the illnesses people around the world are suffering from.

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The next topic he used was Pathos. I think the majority of this persuasive essay was using pathos. He obviously showed his level of passion for what he believes in.

Such as we should skip eating out for a month and save a kids life. He also used a lot of storytelling in this essay; he talked about the man choosing his Bugatti over the child’s life. And he also told the story of the woman selling the kid into adoption so she could get a new TV. And lastly he used pathos by telling us how morally wrong our everyday spending habits and decisions are. The only way he really used pathos was by comparing numbers and every day expenses that we could be using to save lives.

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