All I have been seeing on television

All I have been seeing on television

All ads, no matter what they are advertising, someone or some organization is trying to persuade you and a bunch of other people in this society. Ads can vary from television, radio, newspapers to magazines and the very famous ads that are in person, called campaign parties. Ads can be in any shape or size, the point of them is to pass a message to the people that will hopefully persuade the people to vote, buy, change there habits on a certain issue. We may not think of what is going on behind the curtains, but that is a very positive thing to the canadates, this tells them that we are interested in what they have to say and not interested in how the thought or fact was derived. Candidates spend a great deal of many on trying to persuade us for a vote.In recent presidential campaigns the canadidates are striving on former or historical facts and number that were an important issue about the performance of the opponent.

There are a lot of messages that are being passed around by both leading candidates that have negative facts and numbers. That evokes fear among the people in the society to with a bit of luck to persuade them for a vote. For example you have television ads that are focused on scaring the people on how Bush is trying to take money from social security to fund some other organization, thinking it will help both. This ad will probably get some people to change their mind on whom they will elect for President, but there are many other ways of persuasion.

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Some other ads that I have been seeing on television deal with the evidence or secrete that make the opponent look bad. The most recent I seen and heard was the obligation of Bush not telling that he was convicted of drinking and driving. When I see or her something that has to do with not telling the truth I somewhat because trust and interest in that person, in sense meaning that he will probably loose my vote, depending on the degree of the lie.

Many ads are also humorous and not just depending on the fear that can be distributed to the people. Humorous ads in all factors will get any persons attention, which connects a funny act to a serious act. When candidates run a ad that is funny they play with the risk of not getting there point across because the funny part of the ad will over power the point and the listener will be focused on the joke. Recently I have not noticed any humorous ads, I think the candidates are highly focused on seriousness and evidential facts about the opponent. Most of the candidates in this years election have been greatly targeting the young adulthood people that are more prone to listen to what the person has to say and how he will change things for a better future for them.

Young adults are more prone to being to being persuaded. For example if they were told if they vote for a certain person he will raise the minimum wage and a better school system in regards to colleges tuitions. The young adults are easily persuaded. I was easily persuaded to vote for bush because all the focus and interest he put toward youths aspects in life. Both leading candidates are well focused on ads that deal with young adults.In conclusion I cant say I depended on the ads to make my decision but I also depended on what my parents choice was. I believe in if the person is very straightforward and focused on the people of the United States and not focused on big organizations he deserves my vote.

I think that this thought is universal throughout the U.S, in every home. Many of the young adults a certain candidate, effecting there vote of a certain candidate in the Presidential run for office.Bibliography:

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