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The tried to open up a door while

The historical inaccuracies of Pearl Harbor were significant compared to the actual events. The movie romanticizes war and fighting in general for purposes of entertainment, where in reality the attack was violent and a gruesome experience. It was geared towards romanticizing the movie by having a love story involved then the actual war. In the movie it shows the sun high in the sky when the attack was done on Pearl Harbor but the Pearl Harbor attack took place on Sunday morning which makes this one of the most significant inaccuracies. The tables would have been turned because if the attack was taken place during the day time the U.S.

military would have been more prepared for the attack. In the movie it had shown kids out side playing baseball which is another Hollywood tactic to have emotional effect on the viewer while the attack was taking place, but in reality it was too early for kids to wake up and have a baseball game or to be up and walking around. The U. S. Navy ships on Pearl Harbor were one of the united states defenses which were taken down by the Japanese air force.

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In the movie it only shows 1 ship that capsizes but facts tell us that the Oklahoma and the West Virginia had capsized.Another false fact that was put in peoples mind by this movie was that a big muscular man had tried to open up a door while the ship was capsizing and had drowned and died with the rest of the crew, but the truth is that the man had pushed these men through this little opening and had saved them but was too big to fit through the little opening so he had went down with the ship. The U. S.

had a very strong suspicion about the Japanese plotting against them so the air force had lined up a defense of plans in case there was an attack and they would be prepared.In the movie plans needed to be reloaded and filled with gasoline which shows that they were not ready at all. The movie also had a dramatic effect on the audience when it only showed two U.

S. fighter pilots making it into the air when there were 11 – 14 U. S. fighter pilots that had made it into the air. In the movie they had made it seem like it was some kind of game when the two pilots took flight when fighter pilots are more serious and focused on getting the task done.

Hollywood had added another person to Tyler’s and Welch’s trip to the Air field that was still equipped with fighter planes.This photographer that was with the two men was another figment to have emotional effect on the viewer where it was just Tyler and Welch racing to the air field. Finally the one most inaccurate significance in the movie Pearl Harbor was that the attack had lasted only 20 minutes, but in the actual attack the fight had lasted approximately 2 hours. This entire movie had done a poor job portraying the actual attack on Pearl Harbor. The courage, the pride, and the brutality that the U. S army had felt during this historical moment could not be wrapped in 184 minutes and also could not be reenacted by anyone or thing.

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