Paul shots. Six people were killed. The

Paul shots. Six people were killed. The

Paul Revere was a very patriotic man who would later save some of the leaders of what now is our country. Paul was a silversmith in the town of Boston. He came over to the colonies from France. His father taught him the silversmiths trade. He also became a gold and copper smith. Then on, He became very interested in patriotism and independence from Britain. He engraved alot of cartoons which were published in the Boston news papers.

He was also one of the fifty people who took place in the Boston Tea party. He married Sarah Orne and had eight kids who most died at infancy. Then his wife Sarah died after having their eighth child . A few years later he married Rachel Walker and had eight more children. He served for the people of Boston as a special messenger.(101)On March 5, 1770 people were taunting the British and throwing snowballs at them .

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They got so fed up and started firing shots. Six people were killed. The Boston Massacre was just one of the many violent acts that were to follow. After the Boston Massacre the British removed all taxes except for a small tax on tea. Boston wasnt the only town who refused the tea just one of the most violent. Paul Revere and his accomplices came up with a plan. They would paint their faces and dress up like Indians and go aboard the boat that held tea from the East India Company.

They emptied the tea chests into the water while people cheered from the docks. One man stole some tea for his own use had to run around town(100) with no water or breaks and they also nailed his coat to a wall which was some kind of symbolic gesture. After the Boston Tea Party King George shut off Boston Harbor which was Boston’s only resource. Pauls first ride was to ride to other colonies and tell them about what happened and to ask them for

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