Paul Ard II

Paul Ard II

Paul Ard II.

August 15, 2018
Jacob Kauffman
Week 6
Final Paper
People’s perspectives or the way the view life can contrast when people are raised in various foundations, societies, and settings. From an instructive outlook, a worldview is a specific logic of life or origination of the world. Personal differences you may have such as race, ethnicity, and gender as well can all be reasons of why we see life or our general surroundings the way we do. The manner in which we see the world can impact how we may act in any given setting, how we treat others, or even how we treat ourselves. In any case, there are numerous components that shape the manner in which we see the world in general. Throughout this essay I plan to dissect the perspectives of two people originating from various foundations. It is easy to figure out that a God-fearing person like myself who grew up living in a Christian house hold, will have an alternate view purpose of the world versus somebody who’s childhood consisted of a Jehovah witness family unit, similar to my interviewee, although there might be many differences there can also be a few similarities shared between the two.

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Personally, I grew up in a Christian based household but at a certain age my parents gave me the freedom to go out and see what I really want to do. However, after receiving countless blessings and reading the bible night after night it didn’t take me long to realize that I am a Christian. I trust that God is extraordinary and social. He assumes the part of a Father. He accommodates me and deals with me paying little mind to being almighty and omniscient. There is an open framework where correspondence is depended through prayer and discussion. Being a Christian involves putting stock in the Bible which is God’s manual for carrying on with our best Christian life. 1.What is prime reality -the really real? My prime reality is that God is the endless being who made and saves all things. God both otherworldly and inherent. The innateness and association of God and his adoration for humankind prohibits the conviction that God is of an indistinguishable substance from the made universe however we have acknowledged that God’s awesome Nature was hypostatically joined to human instinct in the individual of Jesus Christ, in an occasion known as the Incarnation. 2. What is the nature of external reality, that is, the world around us? external reality is the world that God made. He made every one of the guidelines that administer the world. God answers prayers in connection to His reality. 3.What is a human being? humans are made in the picture of God. They have insight, self-amazing quality, profound quality, and inventiveness. Individuals were made great; however, through the Fall, God’s picture was changed in us. 4.What happens to a person at death? At death a person is chosen to either enter the gate to life with God in heaven due to living a god-fearing life the right way or the gate to separation from God in hell. 5.Why is it possible to know anything at all? God, our father like figure, made us in his similarity and envision and made a world to enable us to take in more about Him. He opens the eyes of our heart and furthermore guides us through sacred text also known as scriptures. 6.How do we know what is right and wrong? we are made in the picture of a God whose character is great, or right or wrong are dictated by human decision alone or what can rest easy, or the ideas essentially created under a driving force toward social or physical survival. 7.What is meaning of human history? to understand the reasons for God or the divine beings, to make a heaven on earth, to set up a people for an existence in network with an adoring and blessed God, et cetera. 8.What personal life -orienting core commitment is consistent with this worldview? I believe that the willing to fulfill the will of God is most consistent with this worldview.

The person I chose to interview was a close friend and teammate Kendrick Warren. Ken was a military base child so therefore moved around a lot at a young age but was born in Germany. The interview took place on August 9th at the Hilton hotel in downtown Houston around midnight. The interview was taken so late because he felt that it would be quieter than normal which would make it easier for him to think because he is at peace and not worried about every noise he hears and wondering where its coming from. Although Ken was raised in a Jehovah Witness household he came out to be very opened mind where at some points he’s even come close to questioning God’s existence. Ken feels that even at this point in life (23 years old) he still has a lot of growing and learning to do because he still hasn’t come to a set point in what he believes because of how much he moved around as a kid he has two didn’t viewpoints in different cases for example for question one he stated that ” God is active and planning our lives” , which kind of gives him a sealed theory. However, his other view was that “God sits back and allows everything to happen” giving him more of an open-minded viewpoint. For question 2 stated that he believes the world goes of a certain pattern, he mentioned that this is why humans are able to go through déjà vu because life is a cycle. Question 4 was What happens to a person at death? His answer was “When you die your conscious dies also” I feel this answer falls under a naturalism worldview, reason being is according to my sources a naturalist answer to this question would be “When we die, what’s next is nothing; death is an abyss, a black hole, the end of experience; it is eternal nothingness, the permanent extinction of being.” Which is a more detailed version of the answer given by Ken. After interviewing Ken, I learned a lot about how he goes about his life day to day. He is a very open-minded person which could be the reason that he still goes by the two different viewpoints he learned growing up, he knows that he has a lot more to learn about life and hopes to one day be able to pass what he’s learned and all the knowledge he has gained to the younger generation. My meeting with Ken demonstrated to me that we don’t generally have a similar view on the world. All through the meeting it was apparent that Ken was fairly a free-soul. The majority of his answers appear as though speculations he had yet nothing of a set perspective. Which was one of the differences we had because I have a set worldview but still have an open mind willing to learn a lot of different things that could possibly change my view on things. One of the things we shared similar opinions on was on question 3 we both concurred on people being made in the similarity of God.
We perceive that a world view can be made through different inquiry that influence you to contemplate certain parts of life. We see that perspectives vary from individual to individual and that they can really change as we experience life and its distinctive encounters. There is no set religion you need to accept or a particular state of mind you need to receive. Throughout this interview I learned a lot but it has not changed the way I view things. This paper shows that even two individuals with different worldviews and growing up in different environments can still find some similarities in what they believe in.

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