pic Part Time Job11 (2. 4)Importance of Part

pic Part Time Job11 (2. 4)Importance of Part

pic An Experimental Study On Part Time Job in Grameen Phone Prepared for Dr. Sheikh Mohammed Rafiul Huque Course instructor Prepared by Mohammad Imam Hossain ID: 1130580 Md. Fakrul Alam Chowdhury ID: 1130581 Noshin Zaman ID: 1130654 Mahmuda Khatun ID: 1130665 Letter of Transmittal July 28, 2011 Dr. S. M.

Rafiul Huque Course Instructor School of Business Independent university, Bangladesh Subject: Submission of the report. Sir: It is our pleasure to submit the report on “part time job in Grameen phone”. The report is submitted as part of the partial completion of our Course.

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The aim of this report is to ascertain the rationale of doing part time job in Grameen phone and the benefits people are getting from Grameen phone. We believe this report is quite enough to fulfill the fundamental reason of preparing this report. We want to have the opportunity to give answers to your queries, if any. Sincerely yours, Mohammad Imam Hossain Md. Fakrul Alam Chowdhury Noshin Zaman Mahmuda Khatun ACKNOWLEDGEMENT First, we would like to thank the almighty God. We express our heartiest gratitude to our supervisor Dr.

Sheikh Mohammed Rafiul Huque, course instructor, School of Business, Independent University, Bangladesh for his valuable guidance, scholarly direction, and unconditional support during our tenure in the research. We have learned lots of thing from him during the course schedule time. His counseling makes us more sincere, and responsible.

Our heartiest thanks go to the part time employees of Grameen phone, for their quick response on our provided questionnaire, without this the report would not complete. TABLE OF CONTENTS Subject page noExecutive Summary6 Chapter I 1. 1 Introduction 7 1. 2 Motivations Behind the Study7 1.

3 Objectives of the Report8 1. 4 Scope of the Study8 1. 5 Methodology of the Study8 1. 6 Limitations 8 Chapter II (2.

1) Background of GP9 (2. 2) What Is Part Time Job? 10 (2. 3)Rules of Part Time Job11 (2.

4)Importance of Part Time Job 11 Chapter III (3. 1) Who works part time? 12 (3. 2) Causes of doing Part Time Job in Grameen Phone? 12 (3. 3) Job Security13 (3.

4) Career development13 Subject page no (3. 5) Satisfaction levels14 (3. ) Benefits and entitlement14 (3. 7) Salary Structure in GP14 (3. 8) Part time work and benefits15 (3.

9) Effect of Part Time Job15 Chapter V 5. 1 Conclusion16 5. 2 Recommendation16 Reference17 Tables Table-1: Causes of Doing Part Time Job in GP 12 Table-2: Salary Structure of Part Time Job in GP 15 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This research is basically performing to get the rationale of, why a part time job holder in Grameen Phone, serving Grameen Phone as a part time employee and what they get from this job ? Most of the Grameen Phone’s part time employees are student.

Consequently, we need to know, is there any impact on their study for doing part time job and the salary they are getting from Grameen Phone where they use it? Is this quite enough for them to fulfill their needs? To find out all of these answers and for the conclusion we need to generate some primary data. Therefore, we are planning to conduct a survey among the employees of Grameen Phone, who are serving Grameen Phone as a part time employee. In addition to do these, we have prepared a questionnaire and through this questionnaire reply we were able to evaluate and make a conclusion regarding this issue.Chapter-1 (1. 1) Introduction: There has been considerable debate about the reasons underlying the growth in part time work and whether it has been beneficial for individuals and the community as a whole. The rise of part time employment over the past ten years represents a fundamental change in the Bangladeshi labour market. Part time employment has become an important component of the range of working arrangements and represents an example of the labour market’s response to economic and social changes.

It has been associated with increased diversity of the workforce and contributed to changes in workplace culture and attitudes towards work. Part time work has become an important form of employment growing from 1 percent of total employment in 2003 to 4 percent in 2010. The prevalence of Part time work has increased for both men and women and for all age groups. Both supply-side and demand-side factors have driven the growth in part time Employment. A key supply side factor includes the entry into the workforce of people combining employment and other activities such as education and raising a family.An important demand side factor is employers using part time employment to increase operational flexibility.

The high level of casual work among part time workers means that they have less access to many conditions of full time employment. The part time workforce is a diverse group in terms of their characteristics and attitudes to work. In a Developed Countries job market, part time job is very common term and many students are expectant about it and certain job seekers wants to join a firm as a part time employee.However in our country this term is becoming famous to the employers and to those suitable candidates who are eagerly waiting to serve a company as a part time employee. In our country many organizations are offering part time job for the students and for some educated person. Grameen phone is a cell phone operator company offering part time jobs for students and those people who actually wants to serve grameen phone as a part time employee.

(1. 2) Motivation Behind The Study: Knowledge and learning become perfect when it is associated with theory and practice.Theoretical knowledge gets its perfection with practical application. (1.

3) Objectives of the Report: The main objective of this study is to find out, why people are doing part time job and how this job benefiting them? (1. 4) Scope: The research has been conducted on Grameen Phone Ltd. to acquaint the reason behind part time job and its opportunities. (1. 5) Methodology: Both primary and secondary data were used for this study.

For primary data, an interview was conducted. This interview was required for the research, as the researcher has to detect precise variables from the respondents that nfluence the reason of part time job. By collecting defined variables, more effective and accurate questionnaire has been constructed. These types of information have been collected by unofficial interviews with the employees. In order to collect data researcher used mostly open ended self administered questionnaire.

Secondary data has been collected from internet. (1. 6) Limitations: Collection of required information from busy officials within limited time period hampered the data collection and analysis.

Secondary information in the relevant area acted as major constraint to the report preparation.As we did not get any quantitative data from our survey we use the descriptive method to prepare this report. Moreover Grameen Phone is very competitive in Bangladesh now that’s why they do not disclose any information about their employees and information about their internal structure. For this reason we face so many problems. In addition, they do not allow any outsider in their office for any purpose.

However, we tried our best effort to manage with the limitations and to successfully finish the report writing. Chapter-2 (2. ) Background of GP: Grameen Phone Ltd. Largest telecommunication service provider in Bangladesh received its operating license in November 1996 and started its operation from March 26, 1997 the Independence Day of Bangladesh. Now after 14 years of its operations, GP is the largest mobile phone service provider in Bangladesh, with about 30 million subscribers as of 2010. The company was successfully listed in the stock exchange in November-2009 after completion of the largest IPO in the history of Bangladesh capital market.

GP provides services to the rural and urban customers across Bangladesh where mobile telephony is acknowledged as a significant driver of the socio economic development, both for individual and the nation. Subscribers of this business package can get instant help from any of our marked customer service points available countrywide, along with Grameenphone Centers across the country. For providing the services GP has Part-Time and Full-Time employees. The shareholding structure comprises mainly two sponsor shareholders namely Grameen Telenor Mobile Communications as 55.

80% shares and Grameen Telecom 34. 20% shares.Telenor is emerging as one of the fastest growing providers of mobile communications services worldwide with ownership interests in 12 mobile operators across Europe and Asia. Telenor is organised into three business areas; Mobile operations covering 12 countries, and Fixed-line and Broadcast services covering the Nordic region. Telenor holds 55.

8 per cent of Grameenphone, with Grameen Telecom Corporation owning the remaining 34. 2 per cent. The rest of the shares belong to general retail and institutional investors. Telenor has played a pioneering role in development of cellular communications in Bangladesh.

Grameen Telecom Corporation, which owns 34. 2% of the shares of GrameenPhone, is a not-for-profit company and works in close collaboration with Grameen Bank. The internationally reputed bank for the poor, has the most extensive rural banking network and expertise in microfinance. It understands the economic needs of the rural population, in particular the women from the poorest households. Grameen Telecom, with the help of Grameen Bank, administers the Village Phone Program, through which Graven Phone provides its services to the fast growing rural customers.Grameen Telecom trains the operators, supplies them with handsets and handles all service-related issues.

Grameen Bank currently covers more than 67,000 villages which are serviced by 2121 bank branches all over the countryside. As of may 2006, the bank had 6. 33 million borrowers, 97 percent of whom were women. Grameen Telecom’s objectives are to provide easy access to GSM cellular services in rural Bangladesh, creating new opportunities for income generation through self- employment by providing villagers with access to modern information and communication based technologies Our BrandFor years Graven phone has maintained its brand image. We are known amongst the mass and that helps us to relate what we do and how we spend our daily work with the individuals we are, with home, society and even whom we do business with. Our people We are a big family of more than 4500 people and that is our biggest strength.

That’s what makes us different, our work unique, our learning & experience dynamic and above all our growth as corporate professionals so fulfilling. Our leaders Starting from the top management, all of us sit next to each other in GPHOUSE.Openness, transparency, access and parity are at the core of our leadership style. We look up to our leaders and they look up to us. Our leaders are our mentor, guide, role models and friends (2.

2) What Is Part Time Job? A part-time job is a form of employment that carries fewer hours per week than a full-time job. Workers are considered to be part-time if they commonly work fewer than 30 or 35 hours per week. According to the International Labour Organization, the number of part-time workers has increased from one-fourth to a half in the past 20 years in most developed countries, excluding the United States.

There are many reasons for working part-time, including the desire to do so, having one’s hours cut back by an employer and being unable to find a full-time job. The International Labour Organisation Convention 175 requires that part time workers are treated no less favourably than full time workers. “Part-time” can also be used in reference to a student (usually in higher education) who takes only a few courses, rather than a full load of coursework each semester.The framework agreement on part time work concluded in 1997 among the European social partners gives the following definition: “the term ‘part time worker’ refers to an employee whose normal hours of work, calculated on a weekly basis or on average over a period of employment of up to one year, are less than the normal hours of work of a comparable full time employee. ” (2. 3) Rules for Part Time Job: There are no particular rules and regulations for Part Time Job. Part time job is treated as like the Full time job.

For this reason each country uses its own judgment in defining the concept of part time work.Also, as there is no internationally accepted definition of the minimum number of hours per week that must be worked for a job to be considered full time, the working time is generally drawn on the basis of rules laid down by each country individually. (2. 4) Importance of Part time Job: Defining what is to be considered as part time work is important for several reasons, two of which are worth mentioning here: to make it possible to define and protect the rights of part time workers; and to make it possible to assess the relative importance of part time employment in a country’s overall economy.From a legal point of view, the aim is define a category of workers and set out their rights and obligations, in order to avoid discrimination with respect to other categories of workers; and also, to determine, in individual cases, whether the job done by a particular worker falls within the scope of the regulations governing part time work.

From a socioeconomic point of view, the study of part time employment, as it has evolved over time and in terms of its importance to a country’s economy, can contribute to the analysis and comparison of labour markets and how they influence the development of societies in general and households in particular. Part time work is associated with a trend towards intense diversification of employment. Chapter-3 (3. 1) Who Do Part Time Job: Not only in Bangladesh but all over the world part time workers are mainly the students who do the part time job along side with their study.

Major working aged individuals (those aged 19–25 years) accounted for just over half of the total part time workforce of Bangladesh is in Grameen phone. Grameen Phone focused the Private University students for their part time jobs who are yet not completed their study. As GP choose the students of Private University, the family background of the part time workers is mostly middle class and upper middle class. Part time workers are more likely to work in low skilled occupations compared to full time workers.For instance, less than one-quarter of all part time workers are employed in the high skilled occupation category of professionals and associate Professionals. (3.

2) Causes of Doing Part Time Job in Grameen Phone: People choose part-time jobs for a variety of reasons; often because part-time work offers the only way workers can balance competing job and family demands. Although Grameen phone is a reputed cell phone operator company in Bangladesh and doing job for an individual, in Grameen phone is a prestigious issue. However this would not be the assessment for doing part time job in Grameen phone.There are a variety of reasons why people work part time.

Based on survey data, the four most frequent reasons for working part time are (figure 1): Table-1: Causes of Doing Part Time Job in GP |SI No. |Reasons |Percentages | |01. |To fulfill the own needs |80% | |02. |For educational expense |10% | |03. Just to support family |8% | |04. |Because full time work could not be found |2% | According to the survey report we get idea about that, around eighty percent of our respondents doing part time job, just to fulfill their own needs, ten percent give their opinion on, they are doing part time job to meet their educational expenditure, and seven percent says that they are doing part time job to support their family and the remaining percent did not leave any comment regarding this issue. pic (Figure 1): shows the cause of part time job (3.

3) Job Security: Part time employees tend, on average, to stay in their jobs for less time than full time employees. In most, Grameen phone part time employees have worked for their company for less than four years, whereas most full time workers have been with their company for more than four years. Most part timers regard their job as temporary. On an average, in Grameen phone, according to our survey sixty five percent of women and thirty five percent of men doing part time job. (3. 4) Career Development:Generally speaking, part timers are less likely to be given training than full time employees.

Training tends to be associated with long term employment relationships, company size and academic qualifications, which tend, on average, to be lower among part time employees. Also from the employer’s point of view, it takes as long to train a part time employee as it does to train a full time employee, but the payback period of the investment longer in the case of part timer. Also, working part time seems clearly to make it more difficult to build a career, as part time employees are at an obvious disadvantage compared to full timers.According to the survey, 47% of respondents felt that that working part time would not damage their career prospects.

However, an almost equal number (45%) did not share this opinion. (3. 5) Satisfaction Levels: The satisfaction levels of part time workers depend largely on gender. On an average, women tend to be more satisfied than men with their part time jobs or reduced working hours. The impact of a job on a worker’s life may, for example, include whether the job is stressful, or how workers may perceive their own work/life balance.Similar aspects of job quality can also be measured in terms of job satisfaction, as expressed by the employees themselves. However, job satisfaction also carries the further meaning of whether employees are themselves happy with the quality of their jobs.

(3. 6) Benefits and Entitlement: According to most Awards a permanent part time employee in Grameen phone receives similar benefits as a full time employee in the same job. However, given the differing working arrangements with part time and full time employees there are differences in their access to benefits in aggregate.Casual working arrangements do not provide many of the benefits of permanent employment, for example paid sick and holiday leave. As casual working arrangements are more likely to apply to part time workers than full time workers, part time workers in aggregate will receive fewer non-wage benefits as full time employees. No matter how the differences are explained, most part-time workers take home disproportionately less pay, receive fewer benefits, and have fewer long-term career opportunities than their full-time counterparts with similar education, experience, and personal characteristics.There are several factors that are likely to influence part time workers’ benefits.

For instance, employers’ preferences for flexible employment are likely to differ with regard to different occupations. And workers who prefer part time hours may also be drawn to particular occupations, and may prioritize their benefits in a particular way. In order to control for these confounding influences, it is useful to ascertain whether part time workers’ benefits differ from those of full time workers in specific job groups and contract types. (3. 7) Salary structure in GP for Part Time Worker:Grameen Phone pays the salary to the part time worker on hourly basis.

The part time workers have to work six hour per day. Grameen Phone pays the salary in four different ways. Normally when part time workers cover six hours a day they get Tk.

100 per hour. If the employee works after 5 p. m. then he/she will get Tk. 135 per hour and if the employee works after 12 a. m. then he/she will get Tk.

145 per hour. The another rule in GP is that if an employee work on Govt. holiday then he/she will get 4 times more per hour than the basic that means Tk.

400 per hour.Table-2: Salary Structure of Part Time Job in GP |SI No. |Rules |Per Hour Amount | |01. |6 Hours Per Day |Tk. 100. 00 | |02.

|After 5 p. m. |Tk. 135. 00 | |03. |After 12 a. m.

|Tk. 145. 00 | |04. |Govt.

Holiday |Tk. 400. 00 | (3. 8) Part Time Work and Benefits:Two of the most common benefits in Grameen phone are paid holiday and sick leave.

The vast majority of full time workers received paid holiday and sick leave. a stark difference in the access to holiday and sick pay of part time and full time workers. Access to paid holiday and sick leave are used as a proxy for casual employment.

The classification of casuals relies on self assessment, although this method also finds very few casual workers with access to paid leave. The vast majority of people employed on ongoing or permanent contracts had access to these benefits.For casual workers, around 3 per cent of part time employees and 10 percent of full time employees had access to these benefits. And while part time employees are less likely to receive holiday or sick pay within each contract type, this does not fully explain the aggregate differences between part time and full time workers. Rather, these appear to reflect the differing significance of casual employment between full and part time employees. The effect of part time work on the access to paid leave differs from its effect on the access to other benefits. (3.

9) Effect of Part Time Job:Doing part time job has many good effects and at the same time it has also some bad effects. Part time workers are mainly the students. When the students do the part time job obviously it will hampered their study hours.

They emphasize more in their job and give less attention on their study. Not only these they also given less time to their family members. But at the same time a student who the part time job becomes independent and can bear his /her education cost by own. Moreover he/she can financially help their family by doing part time job. Chapter-4 (4. 1) ConclusionWhether teenagers should have a part time job. In today’s society, more and more college students have part time job after school. First, having a part time job can train the teenagers how to earn money and let them know that it is not an easy thing to make money. Then they will use their money more and more carefully. If they want to buy something they really want, they should earn money by themselves, not using the money of their parents. Using their own money, they will not feel guilty anymore. Or if the kids can give the parents the money that is earned by them, their parents will be very happy.The second reason is that having a part time job, they will have the working experience and have the chance to adapt the different relationship between classmates and colleagues earlier than the people who do not have the part time job. Having the working experience can help teenagers find their ideal job more easily in the future. And the teenagers can also learn how to deal with the problems that may happen in their future working circumstance. Third, teenagers can also expand their interpersonal relationship by having a part time job.In the recent year, interpersonal relationship has become the most important factor in our working environment. If they have a good relationship with their colleagues or friends, when they have problems or want other people to help them, they will try their best to help them. (4. 2) Recommendation Among all the respondents in their in-depth interviews each and every of them said that, the authority of grameen phone always taking care of their employees to get best effort from them And employees are happy to serve Grameen phone as a part time employee.Therefore Grameen phones authority should always keep monitoring on their employees regarding their needs and wants to get better performance from them. References 1. http://www. iese. edu/research/pdfs/DI-0476-E 2. Part Time Employment: the experience Productivity Commission Staff Working Paper June 2008 -Joanna Abhayaratna -Les Andrews -Hudan Nuch -Troy Podbury 3. Part-time jobs – a mainstay of student life – David Malcolm 4. THE CONTINUING PROBLEMS WITH PART-TIME JOBS by Jeffrey Wenger While 5. Internet 6. Grameen Phone Annual Report 2010

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