Parents that’s why they are likely to spend

Parents that’s why they are likely to spend

Parents and children It goes without saying that understanding between parents and children has always been hard to reach. The main reasons for this lie not only in generation gap but also in general issues like finances, education and career. A lot of the everyday arguments between parents and children are caused by the difference in their ages.

For example, young people now listen to music which wasn’t popular twenty years ago and wear clothes which are considered inappropriate by their parents.Living in a mess is surely also one of the most annoying habits that adults are unable to change. As this is the age when children grow up, they strive for independence and stand up for their right to do as they like. That’s why parents just can’t affect their children’s tastes and styles. Parents can hardly influence also on the priorities that their children choose.

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For this reason they may often argue over moral issues which have changed over the years. This is how generation gap turns out to be of paramount importance when talking about tastes, styles, principles and priorities.Another point is that attitude to money changes a lot as people grow older and this causes many quarrels between adults and children. Usually teenagers haven’t worked at all for their money and that’s why they are likely to spend almost all of it on things they don’t really need. Even when adolescents save money, in the end they spend it again on useless gadgets or fashionable clothes just to be in step with their peers. Parents don’t accept such irresponsible and reckless actions and often get cross with their children because of them.

Parents’ and children’s ambitions for their future education are usually incompatible which adds to the most common subjects of arguments between them. Most teenagers don’t think of school as the only key to success as their parents do. Children always prefer playing to studying, holidays to school. They’re full of energy and want to entertain themselves. That’s why teenagers see school not as a source of knowledge but as a boring obligation they have to fulfill.

Low marks are a direct reflection of this attitude to school which leads inevitably to quarrels between parents and their children. To sum up, relationships between parents and children are very complicated due to generation gap, financial problems, education and career. According to me, adolescents should make the most important decisions on their own but should also respect their parents and let them exert control over them to a certain extent so that their life is more comfortable.

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