Successful different countries that buy the products,

Successful different countries that buy the products,

Successful and Unsuccessful PackagesBudweiser package and Foster package does more than they contain and protect products. They also tell their great deal about the people from different countries that buy the products, as well as the people from different countries who sell the products. In addition, both packages are made in different countries, and both packages have differences and similarities. Budweiser package is manufacture in America and contains various bottle sizes and various can sizes.

Budweiser bottle is small and easy to hold and the cap is easy to open. In addition, it is made in thick glass so when it drops from the knee down it does not crack, and its appearance is attractive to people. Budweiser can is made in different beer quantity from 6 ounces to 24 ounces. Moreover, it encloses different item quantity from case of 6 to case of 24. On the other hand, Foster package is manufacture in Australia and contains one bottle size and one can size. Foster bottle is large and hard to hold and it is hard to open.

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In addition, it is made in thin glass so its easy to break when it drops. Foster can contains only one beer quantity, which is 6 ounces and doesnt enclose various options to meet people preferences. In addition, Foster only has one item quantity, which is case of 6 that most people prefer case of 24. Budweiser package is a successful selling product in America because the price of the products is affordable to buy and it on advertisement (billboard, radio, and TV). In addition, the company and the product are popular to US citizen. Besides, Budweiser alcohol level is low around .02, which most American prefers that level of alcohol to be.

For example, in New York Time Magazine say most American like to drink Budweiser because they say it tastes better and the alcohol level is not dangerous for driving. On the other side, Budweiser package is a failure in Australia because it considers a foreign product and Australian prefers to have higher alcohol level. Foster package is a failure in the United State for the reason that its a foreign product and doesnt meet US citizen preferences. In addition, it contains lack in advertising and contains high alcohol level. Besides, Foster company and products are unpopular in the US, so the percentage of selling the product really low.

For example, in Sunday Newspaper, there is section that say Foster is going down in American, but going up in Australia. The reason is Foster is a product is unpopular. But Foster package is a successful selling product in Australia because it assembles people preferences and the product and reputation are well known.The distribution of package is successful in one country and failure in another helps to identify people in different countries. People who live in different countries have different taste, and additionally go for cheap products. They also look for the appearance of the product whether attractive.

For example, Japanese people tend to buy product that include nice appearance and the product has to be cheap. In addition, people prefer the product is make in the country because they feel the product is more valuable than foreign product.In conclusion, Budweiser package is a successful selling product in America, but not another country. Foster package is a successful selling product in Australia, but not in America. In addition, both packages inform what people like in different countries and both packages comprise differences and similarities.

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