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aw EnforcementOne way to overcome hurdles is to persist in sharing. The easiest intelligence to report to your seniors is received from a creditable source.

The same rules should apply for your intelligence product. If some other agency is doing the same investigation as your agency and there is no worry about compromising your investigation, then your intelligence should be disseminated to them. This will encourage them to share what products they have built in other investigations with your office. One of the main problems among intelligence analysts, investigators, etc. is the material is not shared. Having other agencies willing to disclose what has been learned during their investigation could save you a lot of time and research.Another way to overcome the hurdle of not sharing between agencies is to not worry about who gets credit for the arrest and conviction.

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The bottom line is that the criminal is behind bars due to a good through investigation and analyst. Even if you dont get a mention from the prosecuting attorney about your help in the investigation, as long as you and your agency knows that you did your part to put a bad guy behind bars should be satisfaction enough. The mission accomplishment should be number one, and your personal credit number two.Selling an intelligence program to your senior management is crucial in sharing with other agencies. If your superiors are excited about the programs that you are working on and the products that you are producing, they are going to want others to see what their agency is doing. Nothing makes a boss happier than to show off just how well their organization is accomplishing its mission in intelligence.

If your product is a new idea, then you may need to take your time in carefully explaining why your program is better than other ways. If the supervisor is happy with what he sees, he will want others to see it as well.

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