Our reality is a reflection of our inner essence

Our reality is a reflection of our inner essence

Our reality is a reflection of our inner essence . But we sometimes do not want to realize this and we criticize those who cause inconvenience and frustration.

It is necessary to understand in all such issues that we can not change our lives without changing ourselves, and that only the best conditions for our development occur, through the realization of the lessons.

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What we do not see in ourselves or just do not want to understand this, our associates with infinite love in our soul mirror us: “Look at yourself, precisely at those moments that you do not like in me . ”

This awareness was given to me with great difficulty, but with every lesson, more and more love, joy and gratitude to the Universe comes to me for her concern for me.

I love life and everything that surrounds me.
Our loving mirrors
Remember, you can not scold a mirror if we do not like the reflection in it. You just need to change yourself so that the reflection changes and shows you how beautiful and amazing you are.

Although this is not easy, our blocks and limitations prevent us, as long as we fight them and do not want to take them, our best tips in life.

And the best thing in life is to understand that you can not change the world and surrounding people without changing yourself. Become better and change everything.

It is necessary to be filled with love so that it draws more love into your life.

When something annoys us, we do not want to accept it or we want to change the world, so that it matches our beliefs. But this is impossible and it is not in our power to adjust the whole world for ourselves, we can only accept it with gratitude, because all people and the world have the right to be what they are. And we too have the full right to be ourselves , not adjusting to someone else’s opinion.

What is most interesting, what we do not accept in ourselves and want to change in ourselves is our amazing uniqueness, which simply goes beyond the framework of public beliefs and stereotypes.

But it’s so great to be yourself and enjoy the state that you are unique and beautiful.

And many women and girls suffer from the fact that the appearance is not the same and the work is not what your relatives and surrounding people expect. We build our own internal barriers and block our essence from success and happiness, and most importantly from love.

But we came here to be happy.

Our Destination
I often have a question: ” And who will be guilty if my life goes through is useless . ” And the answer I think is obvious. We ourselves will be to blame for shifting responsibility for our lives to others and not taking advantage of all the opportunities and lessons that the universe provided us.

The more love in my heart, the more I enjoy the world. After all, he is so beautiful, you just need to open up to him.

Our reality is the mirror of our soul

Therefore, often look in the “mirror” of our soul – in our environment. And draw the right conclusions and use such amazing information about yourself.

Working with mirrors
In order to practically experience the effect of these magic mirrors, I offer you a few daily simple actions that will help you to understand them well and feel like a real Creator.

Track your feelings on the reactions of people, keep track of what you are very clinging to. All that you have hooked must necessarily work.
Immerse yourself in the feeling that you found, savor it, as if you drink a glass of very tasty and expensive wine.
Realize what exactly this feeling before you wanted to convey.
Recognize that you have this feeling and do not try to hide from him.
Fill it with your love. Imagine a vessel where it is and pour it to the brim of love. I bring images to make it easier for you to pretest. In fact, it can be done differently, as you like.
After such elaboration of your feelings, you will feel like you have become a completely different person.

Infinitely love you. Be always yourself.


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