“Otherness”: Foe or Friend
Childhood is the phase of life which gradually changes into adulthood. The day, I stepped into it, I evolved into a new person. I learned being independent and take care of mine. My control is limited when it comes to the universe and I am completely aware of that now. I began to embrace the big world for what it is and fully aware of the tiny part I play in it. One special memory I hold dear is when I was young my parents always forcibly took me to the zoo and parks. In one word I could describe my experience used to be horrible because always I was not willing to go and start screaming that u go on wasting my weekends not letting me play with my friends. Thinking back now I wish I had that same young mindedness about the beauty of nature and creatures. As a child I loathe going outside and especially when it’s too hot, I dislike insects and getting bitten by them, but later on my perspective changed, I started spending time visiting parks. After reading Robert Finch’s essay, “Very like a Whale” “otherness” is so much more than the minor things I mentioned earlier. Nature is so much more than a washed up whale on the seashore. “Otherness is everything around us, it is


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