Osvaldo Sanchez Professor Morrow Sociology May 11

Osvaldo Sanchez Professor Morrow Sociology May 11

Osvaldo Sanchez
Professor Morrow
May 11, 2018
How Social Media Make Us Feel Isolated
There are numerous social media sites such as facebook, twitter, instagram and so on and these sites make it possible to for many connection with new people. Since the Internet has developed in such a quick manner, social media have progressed among with it. Which mean it comes with many advantages and disadvantages. In the US 81% and counting have social media and of those 81 percent there is bound to be social isolation. People today a such easy access to the internet and social media and use devices such as smart phones, i-phones or comfortable devices which can access to internet. With these devices it makes networking easy It enables us to get in contact friends, family, and other people around the world. So today I will analyze how social media alianiates society and destroys face to face interactions

We use social media as everyday of every second of our live and many of us are addicted to using their device to get on social media sites. We use social media as our main source of communication because it has makes communicating with other easy. Which enable those who are shy, socially anxious to be able to express themselves without the face to face interaction. ” a study conducted by Griffith University and the University of Queensland in Australia found that although American teens have fewer friends than their historical counterparts, they are less lonely than teens in past decades. They report feeling less isolated and have become more socially adept, partly because of an increase in technology use.” online, you can reveal what you’re passionate about or you personal feeling or thought n a certain matter that bothering you on social media site and you could do it , either under your own name or unidentified, in many cases without feeling anxious of being judged. This is a historic change for those whose it’s hard to interact with people in their real life. it gives those socially anxious and shy people a sense of belong. So rather than feeling isolated it would make them feel apart of something being able to make close connections and express themselves without the face to face interaction. This is only the result for a few of those that are shy and are socially awkward as for the rest of society it the complete opposite it come with many adverse effect.
Social media has dramatically changed society’s ability to stay focused on what’s going in the world around them and it lets us evade our problems and instantly go somewhere where we fell safe and away from our problems. In social settings if things become awkward, we often seek relief in social media. For instance, instead of dealing with these feelings and work through them we turn to our phones and social media sites to distract us from the hardships in the real real world. One of the main reasons why social media is causing loneliness in society is because we aren’t being as social as we should be and it affect our social skills and they.. Because of this people today are not fitted with the tools of learning how to make new relationships with new people and this is due to the fact of the digital age of social media.
Another way that social media contributes to feeling isolated is it Can Negatively Affect Self Image. on a daily basis people are posting pictures and statuses of the fun activities and what they are doing in there life like, their romantic relationships, achievement in their careers, and so on. People looking at these photos and feel that something is lacking in your life, seeing other people’s triumph can be very difficult for many. If a person is particularly struggling with something in there life and, see someone else’s success in that area can be especially hard. As you are scrolling through your news feed and it is one post after the next of all these exciting things, it is easy to start feeling badly about yourself As the more you scroll and see many of the similar fun thing your friends and family. are do doing you can’t help yourself and feel bad for your self.
One last effect that social media is the cause of is FOMO (fear of missing out). FOMO is “is a concern people have that others may be having more fun and rewarding experiences than them and is characterised as the desire to stay continually connected with what others are doing.” for example When people misses out on a party, vacation or other event and activities with people who are close to them, they start to feel a snec of being left out than those who showed up and snapped photos.

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