Do to be in play to protect the

Do to be in play to protect the

Do you know why it is important to have a government? Well, in order to avoid chaos, some rules have to be in play to protect the rights of the people. In the US, the basic rules for the people the country represents are found in the preamble of the constitution. The preamble is found at the beginning of the constitution and is there to serve as a guideline that tells people how to live their lives to keep order.

In order to do this, our founding fathers wrote out the purpose of our government. In the preamble, the first two purposes are to form a more perfect union, and to establish justice.An example of a more perfect union is when a tragedy like 911 happens and the entire country comes together to deal with the problem. Establish justice can be seen as simply everyone is the same under the law. It doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor or what your influences are, everyone follows the same rules. Both of these ideals are involved in making the country stronger.

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This is necessary because the nation needs to be able to have order and move forward with problems. The next two purposes of the Preamble are to insure domestic tranquility, and to provide for the common defense.Insuring domestic tranquility means to make sure there is peace in the US, and make sure to keep anarchy out of the question. When it says, provide for the common defense, which simply means that the country shall be protected from foreign enemies.

Both of these purposes deal with keeping the people of the USA safe from harm. If the country itself is strong inside and out, we as a whole will be a greater nation. The last two purposes of our government are to promote general welfare, and to secure the blessings of liberty. Promoting general welfare simply means to provide for the safety and security of each individual.Everyone needs to follow rules to make sure the rules of others are not broken. Securing the blessings of liberty means to protect our rights and have a voice when they are mistreated. People can protest and boycott it the government does something they are against.

This is important to insure that everyone has a say on what goes on and to live freely. In conclusion, the Preamble to the Constitution of the United States is important because it determines the overall purpose of what we need to expect from our government. This is necessary to be able to all live in harmony and to be safe and at peace and insure that our rights are not violated.

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