PRESIDENTIAL and downs of being a student and

PRESIDENTIAL and downs of being a student and

PRESIDENTIAL DECREE NO. 1006 – PROVIDING FOR THE PROFESSIONALIZATION OF TEACHERS, REGULATING THEIR PRACTICE IN THE PHILIPPINES AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES I. Summary: This presidential decree is in recognition of the vital role of teachers in nation building and as an incentive to raise the morale of teachers, it is imperative that they would be considered as professionals and teaching be recognized as profession that’s why it is also called as the Decree Professionalizing Teaching.

It declared that teacher education shall be given primary concern and attention by the government and shall be of the highest quality, and strongly oriented to Philippine conditions and to the needs and aspirations of the Filipino people even as it seeks enrichment from adaptable ideas and practice of other people. In this sense, teachers were given more importance in the society as professionals. This decree is also involved in the creation of the National Board for Teachers. The National Board for Teachers have certain powers and duties given by this decree.

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Also, this decree tackles specific qualification requirements for the examination of teacher applicants. II. Reaction: What is really the use of education? They said education is not achieved by merely reading a book instead education is gained through experiences in our daily struggle in life.

There are two kinds of education, intellectual and emotional. This play illustrates the big contribution of a teacher to a student. A teacher that who looked upon to by her students, which help them to understood their real aspects and aims in life.Students reminisce the ups and downs of being a student and how great having a supportive teacher in their lives. Teachers are the most critical group among the society of the world today.

They are not only the most influential people to the knowledge of students but also the individuals who make it possible to expand the boundary of life and how we can understand it to the fullest extent. Teachers form religious leaders, world super powers, and everyone else in between.Due to the success of teachings we have increased the knowledge base of our doctors to create safer and more efficient ways to operate while under pressure by exposing new strategies and equipment to better prepare them for whatever they come across. Everything starts with teachers and the mentality they possess to drive students to new levels. Teachers make the lifeboat because they are the first to interrupt the field of unknown and transform thoughts into reality by learning and passing it on to the body of a nation.Teachers supply the feeling of trust with their students at an early point in the educational fields. Children grow to learn and become adapt to learning young which then helps them to move on and learn things on their own to help better themselves as they grow and become more involved with society.

Teachers emphasize to us that not all is perfect and we as students must learn to help ourselves out to succeed as human beings. Certain teachers have more effect on their students than others which makes the learning process easier for others therefore leading to more successful people.In a world driven by creation and intelligence of regular people this is   all cause by the teachers who got them there. Without an early understanding and trust put in place by the teachers with their   students; life would be difficult because students would feel as if it was ok to get by knowing the average and able to III. Recommendation: 1. Engage teachers in values formation, team buildings, and other seminars for improvement. 2.

Give awards and recognition to excellent teachers. 3. Issue absolute protection to teachers specially during election.

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