One of the biggest enemy that human has – it himself

One of the biggest enemy that human has – it himself

One of the biggest enemy that human has – it himself (sam jest swoim najwi?kszym wrogiem). dojudo strategy we should use not only to opus opponent – but with our inner voce that doesn’t work for our advantacje. Alfred Adler believed person can be happy when strengthen shortcomings that are on a way to make out of life what you want it be. In his therapy – he was teching pacience hw to change disadvantage (physical, mental, or psychological) no an advantage – because only this kind of mental state – gave an opostunity for self-growth and having meaningful life.
In his Theory of Compensation. He suggested that disadvantages often turned to work our advantage because they help us to develop other strength, skills,abilities, attitudes – that would never appear if we didn’t have obstacle on a way (obracle =disadvantage, flaw).He strongly believed that people discover within themselves the biggest power and unique skills as a result of compensation for those disadvantages. Of the expananion why Ethiopia is a place that producesthe best continually world class long distance runners is (at least partly_ because of ‘disadvantaged environment – Due to the poverty, they no other options to truvel but… running. So they run a lot. And eviromental condition are far from easy and pleasan – but exacly thanks to this they develop breathing patterns and strength to do long distance run without much efford.


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