Non- judgement bodily states (Bandura, 1986). The

Non- judgement bodily states (Bandura, 1986). The

Non- Nursing Theory – Self Efficacy Theory Even though nursing theories are vital for nursing practice, non-nursing theories are also equally important in our practice as practitioners. In this assignment, I am writing on Self-efficacy theory. Self-efficacy is essential for determining the activity or situation an individual can perform or avoid. According to Kasikci (2011), self –efficacy theory which was derived from social learning theory, explains a common mechanism through which people exercise influence over their own motivation and behaviour and thus gives a link between self-perception and individual action (Kasikci, 2011).

Self-efficacy is defined, “as the degree of confidence that the individual have in their ability to perform specific activities successfully” (Bandura, 1997). According to Bandura (1997), behaviour is influenced by two types of expectations, outcome expectations and self-efficacy expectation (p. 22).

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Outcome expectations is the conviction that certain behaviour will lead to certain outcomes and efficacy expectations are an individual’s judgement of her or his confidence to carry out specific behaviours (Kasikci, 2011).Bandura (1986), identified four different mechanisms which influence or enhance self –efficacy and they are mastery experience, modelling, social persuasion and judgement bodily states (Bandura, 1986). The concept of self-efficacy has been broadly used as a model for examining health promoting education in areas such as cardiac rehabilitation, smoking cessation, dietary modification, pulmonary rehabilitation and compliance with prescribed regimens (Berarducci & Lengacher, 1998).Self-efficacy is an essential concept in developing and implementing health promotion programs in advanced practice.

The role of advanced practice nurses emphasizes health maintenance, healthy life style promotions, consultations, case management counselling about risk status and risk reduction (Lev, 1997). An advanced practice nurse is considered as a competent model and holds an excellent position to support patient’s self-efficacy by influencing their accomplishments (Bandura, 1986). References Bandura, A.

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