OLIVER who can feed him and teach

OLIVER who can feed him and teach

OLIVER TWISTBOOK SUMMARYDickens, Charles. Oliver Twist. New York: Longman Edition, 1981, pp.

353This book is a fiction novel set in the 19th century. I found the main theme of he book to be about the social problems at that time in England. The main character in the book is Oliver Twist.

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He is a young orphan boy. The book tells his life story and his struggle to find his family and a good home. The other important characters in the book are Fagin, Bet Dawkins (Dodger), Mr. Brownlow, and Nancy. Fagin is an old Jew who is the leader of the gang of thieves, he keeps the stolen goods.

Dodger is one of the thieves in the gang, he first brought Oliver in and is his best friend. Mr. Brownlow is the first person who protects Oliver. He gives him a good home and the possibility to learn and study. Nancy is a girl who is also one of the members in the gang, but helps Oliver at the cost of her own life. Oliver is very badly treated during his childhood years. He has to work hard and gets almost nothing to eat.

When he asks for more to eat, the parish authorities decide that Oliver shall be ‘sold’ to the Undertaker Sowerberry who can feed him and teach him the ways of a job. From there he runs away to London and comes in the world of thieves. When he finally meets a friendly person (Mr. Brownlow) he is then kidnapped by the thieves. In the end he finds a good home and also finds out who his parents were and inherits a sum of money.I found Oliver Twist to be a very exciting, suspenseful, sorrowful, and interesting novel.

I would recommend the novel to anyone who likes a hard to put down book about hardships, and sorrow but with a happy ending. I recommend the book because you really get into the novel, feeling what Oliver goes through and you also feel a strong hatred to people who mistreat Oliver. I do think that Charles Dickens accomplished his main purpose and maybe even more in the book. I think he tried to write a novel that takes you through the hardships of a little orphan boy in a harsh and cruel world. I also found the book to be quite realistic.

Everything in it was believable from the characters to the description of London. Remarkably I did not find the book to be the slightest bit biased.Charles Dickens is an extremely well known, and accomplished writer both in his day and in ours. Dickenss novels mostly dealt with his own day and environment.

Some of his best and infamous novels include Oliver Twist, David Copperfield, Tale Of Two Cities, A Christmas Carol, Hard Times, and Nicholas Nickleby.The characters were one of the most intriguing parts of the novel. The characters were all interesting, unpredictable, and believable. For instance Oliver Twist is an orphan boy, and in the book he does exactly what any orphan boy would do look for his parents and family. Another aspect of Oliver in the novel that is believable, is how he is always very polite to people in higher authority than him. Its like if he is terrified to say anything wrong.

The plot and setting are also very believable in the way he describes the people and places in London. Oliver Twist was written for the general public. I found the novel to be easily readable. The style the novel was written in was descriptive English.

The book was also extremely easy to follow making it very hard to put the book down, you just want to know what will happen to Oliver next. The book helped me to understand the social aspects of the people and town of London in that time. It also taught me the style and the types of books that were written in the 19th century. Overall I found Oliver Twist to be an extraordinary piece of literature.

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