Motion enables them to decide the angles of

Motion enables them to decide the angles of

Motion Picture Directing: An influential OccupationMotion Picture directors are some of the most intriguing, and influential artists of our time. Directors are talented individuals, who create movies in efforts to entertain as well as influence the audiences who watch them.

It is their job to take a written script, and interpret it into a visual representation on film through the use of actors, cameras, and they’re ever developing catalytic minds. The allure of becoming a director illustrates the opportunity to create films that will leave ever-lasting impressions on ones life. While doing so, you get to work with an abundance of dedicated people, exchanging ideas, in efforts to create a meaningful, captivating motion picture. In addition, being a director allows you to put your own touch into a movie, define your style and hopefully create a name for yourself in the industry of filmmaking.

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Directors have many tasks and rely on numerous types of skills that will ultimately create a successful film. ” Introduction to Film,” written by Robert S. Withers, describes a directors job, as well as their responsibilities while working on a film. Directors have complete control over each scene, which enables them to decide the angles of scenes shot, the actors staging and behavior, and the overall editing of the scene when it is done being filmed. He develops the “mise- en-scen”(188), which is all the elements filmed by the camera: the setting, props, costumes, make-up and the actor’s dialogue. Directors decide the framing of any given shot, and may put in or take out elements that will help express the meaning of a scene in a movie. The director also works with the casting staff to help decide the best possible actors for the different characters in the movie.

(188-189)Directing a movie also enables the director to incorporate his own style into a movie. Using the same actors, or even the same type of editing to put the scenes together are examples of the styles that directors exercise in every film they help create. Using their unique style makes the film stand out, attracting moviegoers, as well as influencing young directors to try and create their own styles in the industry. (189-190) In the book, “Introduction to Film,” Withers states, ” The directors influence and control extends to every aspect of a production, enabling him to become the author of a film.” (189) Withers explains the importance and influence that the director has on the production of a quality film. The directors’ goal is to create a movie that will not only entertain moviegoers, but also influence them personally.

In order to achieve this goal, directors must carefully plot out everything involved within the movie. The tone and meaning of the movie rests on how much effort the director puts fourth into the development of the movie. Influential movies are products of everything coming together, where the director works directly with everyone involved. In return, the film receives acknowledgement and expresses it’s overall theme, delivering the desired message to the public.A printout I received from the College Career Center, using Eureka 2001, describes the personal characteristics, work environment, pay outlook and the preparation one needs when dealing with the career of motion- picture directing. In order to be a successful filmmaker, one must have the aspiration to learn and use different techniques dealing with film.

Directors must have experience working with large groups of people, and be able to express their thoughts thoroughly so that everyone working on the film understands their task. Most of the work happens indoors; therefore the days are generally very long and can cause large amounts of stress. Directors will often be on their feet all day and be continuously busy, moving all day without time to relax. Directing a film is very demanding; being on time and responsible is a necessity on the set. A directors pay may vary, depending on the type of film he/she is working on and the corporation that is financially backing the production of the film. It also is determined, while keeping in mind, the different projects a certain director has previously worked on and whether they were successful or not. Some directors earn a salary, and others work for a minimum flat fee.

Popular, successful directors receive larger amounts of money, because their reputation attracts moviegoers, and helps the current project be successful when it is released into the movie theatres. (Motion Picture Directing) Further more, the printout discussed the California outlook on the occupation. In California, the majority of directors are hired for certain projects.

Their experience, and past productions are vital elements that either help or hinder them from receiving future jobs in the movie industry. Every year, there is about 14,300 directing jobs that open up in California due to the growth of the industry. This makes directing one of the most competitive and popular occupations California has to offer.

(Motion Picture Directing)Movies, as well as the film industry have a tremendous affect on audiences all around the world. The majority of films created in Hollywood portray a positive theme, however, a negative effect is also possible. After the September 11th attacks, an article called, “Hollywood Does have a Role in Terrorism,” was published in the newspaper USA Today. In this article, written by, Michael Medved, it addresses the “Ugly American” (A.

16) image that some Hollywood films have created for America. Hollywood has such a huge affect on the people of America that the Pentagon felt that it was necessary to meet with a number of film directors in efforts to decrease the number of films being created that portray violence and the destruction of mankind. Films dealing with New York and terrorism were also delayed and may come out some time later this year. Films allow movie watchers to participate in world that they have no connection to. In doing so, people have the tendency to not understand that movies are make believe.

They are created simply to entertain people and do not necessarily portray reality. (A.16)Being a motion picture director appeals to me because I want to make movies that people will talk about and make reference to for as long as they live. There are movies that have come out in the past that have left positive impacts on my life and have helped me chase and accomplish my own goals. My goal is to create movies not only to entertain people, but also to portray positive messages and hopefully inspire people to make a difference in this world.

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